Wednesday 1 March 2023

Nortons from our collection for sale

 -JdK- Can you have too many Nortons? Perhaps not but the shed may be too small. Anyway, I'm selling two of my bikes to make space.

 A 1928 Model 18 Norton for sale. One of the last flat tank models. Matching numbers for frame, engine and gearbox. All tinware (tanks, guards, brackets) original, not replica. 

Click this link for the story of this motorcycle.

I've had it for more than 15 years and used it on long trips including from The Netherlands to the Isle of Man. Over the years many critical components have been replaced like the main bearings, big end bearing and cam followers. The crank was dynamically balanced. The gearbox has been rebuilt with new bearings throughout including the big one behind the sprocket. Both wheels contain modern and reliable bearings now. All other parts like piston, valves, guides, cams, carb and magneto are in good condition. All the work has been done by experts. It doesn't need any major work done, no nasty surprises.

Click this one for the Isle of Man trip.

Comes with a Dutch registration and some UK paperwork. The bike is in The Netherlands. Price €32.500. Contact us for more information.

A 1936 Model CJ for sale. Acquired 10 years ago, matching frame and engine numbers. Came from the factory without lights, with the currently fitted chrome plated full size oil tank, large capacity fuel tank and 20" front wheel. Almost completely original tinware except for the rear/lower part of the rear mudguard.

I've left the old paint alone as much as possible, some is factory original, other paint was probably applied with a brush in the 1950s. Mechanically the bike is fully sorted, the engine was rebuilt by an expert (me) fitting a new big end, main bearings, piston, valves, guides, camshaft and cams. Rebuilt magneto and carb. Gearbox rebuilt using new bearings, new clutch. Girders rebuilt using new oversize spindles, new wheel bearings etc. The bike has been used for about 5000 miles with oil changes twice a season. It doesn't need any work, just add petrol and enjoy.

For the complete story:

The bike upon purchase

On the road again. And again.

The bike in the 50s in France.

Come with a Dutch registration and a copy of the French Carte Gris. Price €20.000. Contact us for more information.

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