Thursday, 5 March 2015

Primary chain guards - For sale

-JdK- Dr George is selling these 1920s primary chain guards "Flat Tank primary chain guards; newly made in aluminium. Fix brackets to suit your machine. Finish to look old, as on my Big 4 or polish and paint to perfect black finish. £70 each."

Friday, 27 February 2015

Works-type SOHC Carroll cambox

-Stephen- Above a couple of photos on the last project that my father Julian and myself had been working on together. Being a totally brand new SOHC engine with a works type cam box with enclosed rockers; and yes, you do see alloy rockers (the originals being steel).

The valve stem ends do not enter the cam box but pushers (or tappets) are used. We have copied the cambox as per the one I managed to get hold of and I am under the impression that only 6 of these camboxes were ever produced, plus an initial first off which looks a little different. The first off never had enough room for the valve lift used by the works racers and is in Germany somewhere. I may have to modify the set up for the operation of the valves and increase the diameter of the pushers just like on the DOHC camboxes. My copy is also slightly different to the original in that it will fit standard crankcases. With the original cambox the top bevel sits 1/16" further out so if you find an original you will have to modify you crankcases to use the cam box.

-JdK- Have a look at this entry and this entry for more info on these camboxes

Monday, 23 February 2015

c1929 Model 16H Norton - For sale

-JdK- Karl-Olof in Sweden sent these pics of his c1929 Model 16H Norton he wishes to sell. The description below is in his own words. Offers invited! Contact us when you are interested.

"This Norton was assembled using parts from several bikes. The engine has a Model 16H crankcase and uses a Model 1 cylinder and crankshaft; it has a new bigend and good W7 cams. The Lucas magdyno has been rebuilt. Carburetter is an Amal 6/011. Front fork was rebuilt using new spindles and bushes. Magneto cover, chain covers, rear stand, mudguards and carrier are replica's. Exhaust pipe, silencer, toolbox and speedo cable/gear are not included. Offers invited"

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Grandad on a c1925 Model 16H Norton

-JdK- Cameron in the UK sent this photo of a group of riders on vintage machines; his grandfather is the second from left on the c1925 Model 16H Norton.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Model 16H engine - For sale

-JdK- Marcus in France is selling this Model 16H engine and gearbox; not sure what year the engine is exactly as the number does not make sense to me. The engine plates were painted green and therefore 1940s WD16H seems likely.

Marcus: "The previous owner took this engine from a forgotten Norton 16H in the early 1950's. He wanted to use it as a stationary engine but never did. He kept it for decades in his basement and I bought it few years ago. This engine has never been opened since WWII and it is not seized. There are three small broken fins at the top of the cylinder head. The engine is in France."

Contact us when you're interested.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Enfield rear hubs - For sale

-JdK- Tony also had some Enfield rear hubs, brake drums and rear brake plates made. The drums come with 0, 3 or 4 ribs. The hubs are £200 each while the drums sell at £130 to £180. Contact us when you're interested.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Rebuilding a Carroll bevel chamber

After welding
-JdK- The previous owner of my Model CJ Norton had made quite a mess when removing the self-adjusting bearing from the bevel chamber; it needs to be properly heated in an oven before the bearing drops out and when this is forgotten, removal with brute force will damage the aluminium and the interference fit of the bearing is lost.

After machining the bearing seat

New bevel chambers are available - but they are expensive and I like to use as many original parts as possible as they still seem to fit much better. Luckily Juris in Latvia could solve the issue by welding and machining the chamber - which was tricky. He needed a very accurate mandrel in the opening where the bronze bush normally sits and using this to clamp the housing in a lathe, the bearing seat could be machined. At the same time the flange - where the housing fits to the rockerbox - was trued by removing a tiny bit of metal. Apparently these flanges are often distorted.

After truing the flange

Friday, 6 February 2015

1934 Junior TT programme

-JdK- Alain in New Zealand sent a copy (click this link) of the complete 1934 Junior TT programme which makes very interesting reading.

Monday, 2 February 2015

8" Enfield front hubs - For sale

-JdK- Tony just had a batch of 8" Enfield front hubs made; he has a few left and is selling the hubs for £380.00 while the brake plates are £125.00 each. Contact us for Tony's email address.

Friday, 30 January 2015

1932 Model 16H Norton - For sale

-JdK- For sale at Charterhouse and in their own words: "A 1932 Norton 16H, registration number DR 9735, frame number 45083, engine number 51966, silver and black, one owner and 15,000 from new. This Norton 16H restoration project is something rather special if not unique. DR9 735 has laid unmolested in a Cornish barn since 1939 undisturbed. Mr Henry Wetter, a Cornish farmer purchased the Norton from AEN Snell, Snells Motorhouse, Old Town Street, Plymouth, on 6th February 1932 for £59 9/6 (original receipt on file). He would use the motorcycle until 1939 (last tax displayed on the motorcycle) clocking up 15,103 miles. It isn't known why Mr H Wetter didn't resume riding the Norton after the second world war, but he didn't! And family members can confirm that it has sat in the corner of the barn ever since. This history file contains three expired tax discs for 31st December 1932, 24th March 1935 and 31st December 1935, the original bill of sale, a letter from Norton Motor Ltd dated 7th November 1931 with a blueprint of the exhaust fitted to the Norton complies with Motors Cars Amendment Order (No. 11), an Automobile Association certificate of silencing efficiency, a letter from Snells apologising for overcharging Mr Wetter 10/- and informing him that a postal order would submitted to reimburse him and two insurance policies for 1932 and 1935."