Tuesday, 9 February 2016

c1912 Model 3 1/2 Norton

-Martin-  These pics come from George Brooks of the Sporting Car Club of South Australia who published a series of picture books of early vehicles in South Australia. Book 4 cover motorcyles from 1899-1930, and these two are nice early examples. One is a Norton the other a Norton engined bike built by a clever engineer. (Pics from the 'Marticelli Collection and SCCSA')

Friday, 5 February 2016

1926 Model 18 Norton

-SG- Here's a nicely restored 1926 Model 18 which lives in the Dunedin area of New Zealand. The owner has promised to dig out more photos of it and they will follow in due course. When he got it in the late seventies, the top frame tube had been 'cut and shut' to fit a saddle tank and later forks had been fitted.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

More from Jock Leyden ...

-SG- Alan - thanks very much - has sent in this scan of a previously unpublished Leyden sketch ... this time of 'Crasher' White in June '35.  Alan's message follows:

"Finally, mindful of the latest item on the website I thought you might be interested in the following:
some years ago I was lucky enough to be able to purchase this original and previously unpublished Jock Leyden cartoon. It is a pen and and ink sketch on card, entitled ‘Schoolmaster White caning his Norton hard on Bray’. It is date stamped on the rear 20th June 1935 which is presumably when it was logged and put into a file. I’m presuming it is the 1935 Junior TT when ‘Crasher’ White came third behind winner Guthrie and second man Rusk."

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Jock Leyden and Jimmy Guthrie

1935 Drawing of Jimmy Guthrie by Jock Leyden

-SG- David Crawford from Northern Ireland (author of the Stanley Woods biography) has recently sent in this attachment regarding Jock Leyden and Jimmy Guthrie. Jimmy Guthrie needs no introduction to site visitors and doubtless many will be familiar with the works of artist / cartoonist / writer Jock Leyden which appeared for many years in the UK motorcycling magazines. David writes:

Jock Leyden in his office holding the Guthrie letter

"Please find attached a photo of the late Jock Leyden,  holding a letter from Jimmy Guthrie dated 9th October 1936. A & J Guthrie Automobile Engineers of Hawick in the lowlands of Scotland was a partnership between Jimmy and his brother Archie until Jimmy's death in 1937. 

Transcript of the letter from Guthrie
Jock cut off the signature for his autograph book. Jock was born in Grangemouth Scotland in 1908, and moved to Durban South Africa, with his parents, at the age of 17. He lived to celebrate his 100th birthday and was a true gentleman! I had the good fortune to meet Jock during motorcycle trips in 1988 & 1993 and was invited into his office in the Durban Daily News where he had worked for many years."

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

OHC (Carroll) valve timing

Valve timing suggested in the 1939 manual (in red) is different
 from what is found in all other manuals and probably not correct
'Inlet open' in the Barnes manual (in red) is probably not correct.

-JdK- I've looked up - and tabulated - the valve timing data for the Carroll OHC engines as found in the old books and as suggested by current experts. Closing of the exhaust valve seems to be critical for these engines and everyone agrees this should be set at around 42 degrees ATDC. Opening of the inlet valve comes next and should be set at 47 or 57 degrees BTDC depending on whether a silencer is used or not.Timing of the CS1 and CJ engines differs from timing of the Models 30/40. Some of the data (indicated in red) seems to be incorrect. Finally, note how much OHC valve timing differs from Model 18 timing (last column, bottom table).

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Beatrice Shilling

-SG- We have had information about the redoubtable Beatrice on the site before and here is another photo of her taken not long after her 1935 100-plus mph Brooklands laps.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

1925 Maintenance Instructions

-SG- Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Brian who has a very tidy 1926 Model 18, amongst other interesting Vintage Norton hardware!  He kindly lent me a copy of the period Maintenance Instructions booklet, which appears to have been printed late in 1925. The same booklet was issued in '26 also but overstamped with the changed trading name of Norton Motors (1926) Ltd. Click this link for a copy of the booklet.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

1926 Model 16H Norton - For sale

-JdK- Leon in Western Australia has this Model 16H Norton project for sale. In Leon's own words: "As you can see it's mostly complete, the back wheel and brakes are all new with new bearings etc.

Many new nuts, bolts, studs etc, new chain guard.  The only non-original part is the clutch, which is a later 1930’s type. It's not matching numbers (engine number is 32248 with matching-numbered barrel. The frame number is 20241) but I'm pretty sure it's all 1926.

The main things that are missing are the mudguards, steering damper and rear wheel sprocket. Asking price is 8250 UK pounds, or nearest offer."

Please contact us for Leon's email address.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Pitcher Bros catalogue

-JdK- Reece in New Zealand sent a copy from Pitcher Brothers (from Christchurch, New Zealand) catalogue of about 1909-1910. Click this link for all pages.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

1925 parts list and catalogue

-JdK- The parts list available via this link was a kind gift from Susan in the UK; it has been her father's. Her dad loved his bikes, he kept with bike and sidecar once her sister was born but had to move to a car once Susan was here ...