Friday, 27 May 2016

Camshaft fixed

-JdK- Richard informed us a few weeks ago that his Model 18 camshaft had snapped in two; now he informs us the problem has been solved.

Richard: "I’ve made a fix for the existing camshaft as follows:

  • Bore the centre of the existing cam to get rid of the remaining intact portion of the shaft and to provide a centering/locating hole for a new shaft.
  • Make a new shaft (I used EN24T) with a central section that is 0.1”  thickness and is a press fit into the ID of the cam. 
  • Set up the new shaft in the bored camshaft VERY CAREFULLY to ensure the shaft and gear are concentric and then have the shaft and cam laser-welded around the circumference with a fine internal filet weld. I can’t do this myself but have found a local engineering shop that makes an incredibly neat job and will do this quickly and at a fair price.
  • Machine the phosphor-bronze bush in the outer case to get the correct end-float.

I have run a few miles since reassembly and all is OK so far. I’m entered in Banbury and if I make it to the end then I would say this has been successful."

1940 Model WD16H Norton

-JdK- Roberto in the UK and his mini digger came across these remains of this Norton, identified as a 1940 WD16H by the number. The owner of a scrapyard selling used bike parts since the 1950s explained to me once that he always discarded frames; they took up too much space and there was only demand for engines, gearboxes and smaller parts anyway.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Camshaft wanted - rockers for sale

-JdK- Richard in the UK looking for a W7 exhaust camshaft for his 1929 Model 18 Norton as it has broken in two. Please let us know if you have one you can spare.

Richard: "I have probably ridden about 500 miles on it since I finished the restoration last year  (it was a compete basket case) so I was surprised that the camshaft broke now. I attach a couple of pics of the bike.

On an unrelated topic, as part of the restoration I was missing one inlet rocker and so I used the rocker from my 1928 Model 18 as a pattern to make AB2 (Ni-Al bronze) castings. I had four made (pic above). I machined one and it's running on the bike but I have three remaining unmachined castings. If anyone wants one I will post at £60 a piece + postage. That is what they cost me. They will need to do their own machining. 

Also above a pic of the 1928 Model 18 from which I borrowed the inlet rocker). I acquired this from a Bonhams Banbury auction a few years ago as boxes of bits. I have used it for two Banbury runs and it goes to the Manx GP every year - goes like stink!"

Please contact us for Richard's contact details if you have a spare camshaft or need a rocker.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

When is a Norton not a Norton ...

-JdK- ... when it is a Garreau; it uses a Model 25 engine. Dodi from Italy found another photo and a clipping from 'Moto Revue' that show Garreau was a fan of Norton engines but did not like the frames.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

1934 Model Big Four Norton

Charlie in San Francisco has just put this bike back on the road after eighteen years of storage.

Charlie: "I bought it from a Volvo dealer in the US as a very complete basket case in 1989, made it roadworthy in 1990, and ran it quite a lot until late 1998. It is a strong runner now, and it's surprisingly lively for an old SV slogger with a 120mm stroke. All I had to do was replace tires and tubes, freshen up the top end, and replace the mag armature and condenser. A lot of time went into cleaning it up too.

The engine number is 59XXX, frame number is 54XXX. It was first registered 3 September 1934. I have what I think is the second log book. The bike was registered to Dudley Hale Pearson, of Stourbank, Nayland Nr. Colchester. The first stamp is 31 March 1948. The Registration Authority is West Suffolk County Council, Bury St. Edmunds. The final stamp is 5 January 1967.

Any information about this bike and its owner history would be greatly appreciated!"

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

c1925 Model 18 Norton

-JdK- These photos were contributed by Tino in Italy. They (or at least the bottom-one) were taken in July 1925 at the "Circuito del Lario". The Norton is a c1925 Model 18; the rider is Mario Saetti. In the race he finished 2nd in between many riders on Moto Guzzi machines.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Willing William it ain't! 'tis George!

Read the whole story by following this link

-SG- Back in May 2015 we posted a photo of what I misguidedly thought was Arthur Bourne's bike, referred to by him as 'Willing William.'  Roger has uncovered the fact that, while Bourne certainly had a later 16H with this nick-name, the bike we showed (now above) was another sporting 16H belonging to yet another of the journalists writing for 'The Motorcycle' in the twenties, who used the pen-name Neon. Neon's bike - just to confuse matters - was christened 'George' and started life as a 1922 TT spec. 16H. Read all about it and the numerous mods. fitted to it, in the February 1925 edition, scans available via this link.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

1938 Model 40 Nortons

-JdK- Contributed by Dennis, two Model 40 Nortons at the 1938 Junior TT, Isle of Man. Number 1 is H.B.Waddington who came 12th. J.C.Galway on number 3 retired.

Friday, 22 April 2016

1915 Model Big Four Norton

-JdK- A 1915 WD Model Big Four Norton attached to a sidecar. The photo was contributed by Rich in Belgium and was taken apparently on 16 March 1916. According to Mike: "This is the new Big Four for 1915 as it has the new dropped top tube on the frame, and the first year of fitting the early pattern Sturmey Archer gearbox, the cutout in the petrol tank for valve removal and replacement, only used on 1915 models."

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

1907 Norton V-twin - For sale

-JdK- George is selling his 1907 Norton V-twin. Please contact him via email to discuss. We have been asked by a few site visitors to point out that some features of this bike are open to question.  Please contact George also direct on this matter and if you are interested in it.