Sunday, 2 December 2018

1939 Model ES2 Norton

-JdK- John in Australia sent these pics of his 1939 Model ES2 Norton. It sports the earlier girders and in other aspects looks original.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

The 1924 Maintenance Instructions

-SG- The next set of Maintenance Instructions in Ian's collection is that issued in 1924. With it is a letter from the Works from early 1925 to a chap living near Matlock in Derbyshire - scans of the letter and the manual are attached/above.  Incidentally the text of this booklet is very similar to that of the 1925 version which we already have on the site which has additional information in it.  As usual, thanks for the loan, Ian.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The 1922 Maintenance Instructions

-SG- The earliest Maintenance Instructions in Ian's collection are contained in a small booklet, covering the 16H, Big Four and Model 9.  It also incorporates  SV tuning instructions by D R O'Donovan. I initially though this dated from 1921 but reading the text with more care, I see it states: 'Our Liverpool agent, Victor Horsman ... finished  1st in the 500cc class in the 500 mile race at Brooklands last year.' The event referred to was actually held in July 1921, so this booklet must date from 1922. Thanks as always to Ian for the loan!

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Alec Bennett at the 1925 TT

-SG- Kevin was given an album to look through and found this photograph of Alec Bennett after the 1925 TT. Shows off the braced Webb forks which were seemingly only fitted to Bennett's bike. It is signed by Bennett on the back. I once owned the engine from this machine - Norton's 1925 TT machines were fitted with their first semi-dry sump type engine - which was built into a later flat tank frame by a subsequent owner and sold for a vast sum by, I think, Bonhams a few years back. If I remember correctly it was not claimed to be AB's actual bike! Many thanks to Kevin for sharing!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

1928 TT machines

-SG- I spent a while searching the records recently for the frame number of the Brooklands CS1 belonging to the Bain family (see yesterday's post).  Did I find it ?  Regrettably not!  But what I did come across were the consecutive entries for a dozen CS1s, all shown as despached to Norton Motors in May 1928 and all shown as TT machines.  Two of these were subsequently fitted with replacement frames and despatched in June and September 1929 to Mototecnica in Italy - with the note against one of them 'For Ghersi.'  There are no additional details as to how this small  batch of machines differed from the production versions but I guess some or all were fitted with the 7 inch front brake  (see postings of Woods at the '28 TT) rather than the 8 inch Enfield version.

I was told some years back by the late Peter Roydhouse that in his view, the works bikes of the time were used for a couple of years before being replaced.  If this is right then some of these machines - albeit with up-dates -  would have been used in the 1929 racing events as well.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

An even bigger CS1

The 633 cc engine alongside a standard - shorter -  CS1.
The Brooklands CS1  frame (in black) alongside a standard unit.
Does not fully show just how tall the Brooklands frame is
The rear fork of the Brooklands frame -
showing belt rim brake mounting and rear footrest lug.
Frame, engine and gearbox loosely assembled.

-SG- We have had various postings about a 588cc CS1 with which Nigel Spring and his cohorts achieved some records at Montlhery in the summer of 1928.  I even found an entry in the Despatch Records which showed a 588 CS1 with Brooklands frame despatched to Spring in 1928.  It now transpires that perhaps the photo we posted showed a 633cc CS1 - a brief mention of which appeared in Motor Cycling at the beginning of August 1928 -  see scan attached (courtesy The Classic MotorCycle).  While Roger casts some doubt even on the existance of such an engine  - of which he has found no mention in his considerable researches into Norton's Brooklands activity -  there is now positive proof  as it and a Brooklands CS1 frame are being restored by Geoff and Ian Bain , who bought it after then owner and Vintage Norton enthusiast Stan Johnson died in 1984. They have sent photos of the frame and engine and I quote from their email: "Your photo of Bert Denly on Nigel Spring's Brooklands style CS1 sheds new light on one of my father's bikes. My father acquired what he thought at the time to be a sidecar racing CS1 from the Stan Johnson Stable when Stan died . We were aware of the 588 cc racers of the time but this engine is 82 bore and 120 stroke making it 633cc which is actually stamped on the flywheels . The flywheels are also forged steel and all components highly polished .Also of interest is that the engine has vernier cams and an AMAC carburettor which is over 1 1/4" bore. The frame is much longer than standard and a lot taller to accommodate the much taller engine. So tall is the frame that when we put standard 19" wheels in it they didn't touch the floor hence it was designed to take 28" beaded edge wheels. The frame only has provision for a dummy belt rim brake as it has the same lugs as those of its flat tank predecessor.  The tank is some 4" longer than standard with cutaway fully exposing the cambox. A standard tank will not reach either tank lug such is the length of the frame. It has two lugs for a saddle set very far back and also two footpeg lugs again set very far back. We have found a frame number - which has not yet been found in the records and which differs from the one Simon has already found.  The engine is stamped only with the word "KENT" and, there is absolutely no evidence of a number being removed ... "

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Norton Druids - SOLD

-SG- Christian in Germany has a set of round tube Norton Druids which he bought for a project which never came to fruition. He says they are in very good condition and are now SOLD for sale at the same price as he paid for them.  Anyone interested can email us and we will send on the message.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Spare parts list for 1933 Models 50 and 55

-SG- It seems that only two Spare parts Lists specifically for the 350s were produced, as, subsequent to 1933 parts for these models were included in the main or supplementary lists. Thanks again to Ian, here's the second 350 list (Models 50 and 55 only) - undated and, again, with no illustrations, but from the parts descriptions, it appears to cover 1933 Models.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Parts for the 1929 CJ and JE models

-SG- One of the least common parts lists in Ian's collection is that covering the 1929 CJ/JE models. I have never seen one before and until this one appeared, was doubtful if it even existed.  It is not illustrated  and there is a  bit of water damage to the crankshaft bearing details and JE Pushrods and fittings, by the look of things. But none the less, here it is! Many thanks for the loan, Ian!

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Flat tank parts

-SG- Tom is working on several flat tank projects and is seeking a 1925-28 OHV tank and 1922 frame and forks. He has for possible exchange:

  • Big 4 Tank
  • 1926 Fourspeed gearbox
  • CS1/ES2 gearbox
  • Binks carburettor

Anyone who can help or who wants to contact Tom to discuss, please send us an email.