Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tim Hunt, 1933 Model 30 Norton

-JdK- Tim Hunt and his 1933 Senior Norton; note the left-hand twist grip.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

1920s rockers

-JdK- Viktor is reproducing late-1920s rockers as used on the Model 18 Nortons. The original bearing may not have been Norton's most brilliant design with a brass cage and six 3/16 x 3/16 rollers each end that tend to dig into the surface of the spindle and rocker bore; many solutions to fix this problem are available. Viktor has decided to give it another try and is using the original setup.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tommy Simister, 1924 Model 18 Norton

-JdK- Tommy Simister and his Model 18 at the start of the 1924 Senior; he came 4th.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Jimmy Guthrie, 1931 Model CS1 Norton

-JdK- Jimmy after coming second at the 1931 Senior; the man in the hat is Nigel Spring.

Monday, 1 December 2014

George Tucker's Specialities

-SG- Ken Hallworth - founder of Old Bike Mart and - better still - Old Bike - has kindly sent in the above 1927 Tucker advert for which many thanks! Further, the Tucker adaptor which was in the Murray Museum in the IoM has surfaced (pic below) and is in the hands of a long term Norton enthusiast! Tony was lucky enough to receive this as a birthday present from his wife when the museum was closing.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

1933 KLG Plugs

-Rich- I was interested to see the pages that you reproduced back in September relating to KLG plugs for 1938. I have a copy of the 1933 booklet and their recommendations for Norton appear to have changed by 1938. This booklet is useful as there are descriptions of the plug characteristics. For some reason the side-valves used the ‘standard’ K1 in 1933 but by 1938 were to use the ‘high efficiency’ KS5, despite the machines themselves being perhaps less sporty by that time ... or were they perhaps just running hotter ?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

1931 Model 20 Norton

-JdK- The bike on the left is a 1931 Model 20 Norton; Leon suggests the other one is a 1928 Royal Enfield 350cc Sports, or similar.

Friday, 21 November 2014

1929 Model CS1 Norton

Jan Filipovič and his 1929 Model CS1
The CS1 in c1929-1930

-JdK- Mirek in the Czech Republic found this very nice and original 1929 Model CS1 Norton; the story in his own words can be found below.

"This Norton Model CS1 - engine number 418XX, frame number 349XX and gearbox number HW148390B - was dispatched on the 1st of March 1929 to Jan Weigel, the Norton representative in Czechoslovakia. The bike cleared customs in Prostějov (in Central Moravia) on April 24th of the same year. The machine's specification included larger wheels, an additional hand-operated oil pump and a fuel tank with a built-in speedometer. The Lucas Racing Magneto number 3199A dates from December 1928.

 Jan Filipovič (and his team) on an earlier CS1 Norton
The motorcycle's first owner was Jan Filipovič, a miller in Čejč near Hodonín (in South Moravia). Jan had raced another CS1 (dating from 1928, above) which he had also obtained via Weigel. Filipovič used his CS1 for two seasons and then sold it to his brother František.

Three other Norton motorcycles owned by Jan Filipovič
(Jan is sitting on the machine at the far right).
This photo was probably made in 1934

Josef Kučera, an accountant from Břeclav (a city in South Moravia near the Austrian border) bought the motorcycle from František on February the 1st, 1932 and it stayed in his family's possession until August 2014 when it was offered for sale at less than 80 kms from where I live; I went to collect it the very same day.

This motorcycle is in a very original condition. Note the wheels and tyres - the front wheel still wears the original 21" Dunlop (27 x 2.75). The rear wheel has a 1930s Belgian Engelebert (26 x 3.50).

Note the cable-operated baffle at
the end of the exhaust pipe

Many old photographs of the motorcycle have been preserved, as well as the customs and purchase documents from Jan Weigel's archive. In the oldest pictures the CS1 bears the Czechoslovak registration PV 325; later (in Hodonín, on August 22 1930)  it received registration P-IX 590 and later still number P-III-723 (on February 1st 1932, in Břeclav). Although the motorcycle was hardly used after WWII the registration continued and in the early 1950s it received yet another license number: MX-97-04. It got another registration in 1965, however, this license number has never been used on the machine.

The CS1 will be restored to running condition, however without changing the old paint, patina and general appearance."

Original decal on rear mudguard

Monday, 17 November 2014

1935 Model ES2 Norton - SOLD

-JdK- Simon in the UK (not Simon Grigson) SOLD would like to sell his Norton. His description of the bike can be found below. Contact us for Simon's telephone number.

-Simon- "I would like to advertise the following bike which I have owned since June 1995. The machine was restored by a friend about 19 years ago, is in fine fettle and close to original. It runs well with the added bonus of a buff log book and it's original registration number. I would like offers in the region of £9.750.

The details are: Norton ES2, Frame no. 558XX, Engine no. 606XX, Agent or Dealer Frodsham Warrington, Retail Purchaser. J Miller 49 Waverley st. Warrington 29 December 1934, Registered 31 December 1934 in Lancashire"

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Tim Hunt, 1931 Model CJ Norton

-JdK- Tim Hunt after winning the 1931 Junior TT; the lady in white is his wife.