Monday, 6 February 2023

Looking for Moore CS1 parts


-JdK- Heiner in Germany contacted us for spares for his 1928 CS1 Norton; please let us know when you can help. Heiner: "My CS1 has the frame number 418xx and engine number CS149xx and should be from 1928. I've owned it for twelve years now. The bike came from a Scottish racer who often competed in hill climbs in Switzerland. He apparently had a lot of Norton spare parts and therefore was constantly tuning his bikes. The bike has later girders and uses a dollshead gearbox though I still have the correct Sturmey Archer stored somewhere. At the moment the engine is in bits and I need a few parts like the oilpump drive and lower bevel for the vertical shaft. Please contact the website when you can help."

Sunday, 5 February 2023

Enfield brakes


-SG- Eight Inch Enfield Front Hubs were fitted to the 1926 TT machines, as we have mentioned before.  There seem to have been a very few fitted to 1925 Works machines too and here's a photo of Joe Craig's 1925 Ulster Grand Prix machine, also kitted out with one of them ...

Saturday, 4 February 2023

NOS Amal 10TT9 - For sale


-JdK- Adrian contacted me with the request to advertise this NOS carb; contact me when interested and I will forward your email. Adrian: "I have recently discovered that I have been - quite unwittingly - storing a 'new old stock' carburetor for a Norton (this time for a 350cc 40M from 1932) - one-and-a-sixteenth-inch choke diameter. The float chamber is at the - also correct - 15 degree angle. 

The carburetor is just as I have dry-stored it for about 30-years and you will see from the images it is in extremely good - absolutely original - condition if a little shop-soiled. As the carburetor is complete (except for the needles in both the float chamber and mixing chamber) is clearly unused my only request is that the individual who really needs it is able to make a realistic offer."

Friday, 3 February 2023

Postwar Norton website


-SG- Ken McIntosh and Ben started a new website based on this one but focussed on postwar Norton Motorcycles. It can be found via this link and especially the library section is worth a visit

Thursday, 19 January 2023

1930 - a good year for OHV Nortons in NZ ...


-SG- Thanks to John in New Zealand for this period photo of - I think - a Model 18 and a Model 19. Batteries look pretty massive and the magdyno covers don't look quite right but so what?  Up and running and tidy!

Friday, 13 January 2023

It's my bike !

-JdK- I've always wondered about the history of my motorcycles so whenever I see old photographs I look for something familiar. The photo above (from TwistGrip) was taken on the 7th of May 1950 and these are members of the Moto Club Ch√Ętillonnais. The photo was taken in Chartres, a small town close to Paris.

The photo caught my attention for two reasons: the picture was taken in France and it contains a few interesting Nortons, one probably an Inter but the other one - on the right - also somewhat special due to the chrome plated tank and what appears to be a larger front wheel.

I have a 1936 Model CJ Norton with a chrome plated tank and a 20" front wheel that was sold by agent Psalty in Paris, see the dealer plate on the number plate above. The photo's below were taken in February 2013 by the French dealer from whom I bought the machine.

The motorcycle is quite original so I left the paint alone as much as possible but what I did do was remove two large flat bolts that covered two holes in the left hand side of the front mudguard. I used some weld to close the holes but it is still visible. I have no clue what the holes were used for and I've never seen holes at this position before. So I was pretty surprised that the Norton in this old French photo also has what appear to be two bolts at exactly the same position!

When you look more carefully there are more similarities, most notably a scratch in the black lining of the tank and I've highlighted the similarities in the photo's below. On the left side you see the bike in in 2013, on the right in 1950.

Do bear in mind that by 2013 someone had fitted the 20" wheel at rear and the 19" wheel at front which I corrected again. Also after 1950 someone fitted a different headlight, a speedo and a brake plate with a speedo drive. And yes, when I bought the bike it had a different registration but there is another number lurking beneath and I should remove the paint to confirm.

I'm already pretty convinced as the chances of finding another Norton, in France, close to Paris with those two plugged holes in the mudguard at exactly this position and the scratch in the black line with exactly that shape must be close to zero.

Also fascinating that the previous owner of my bike may also be in this photo; I think it's the chap wearing the helmet, third from right!

PS. Rich contacted us as he has the original of the French photo and better copies of the Norton and a copy of the rear of the pic are provided below.

Monday, 9 January 2023

Out of print magazines ...


... are frequently overlooked by authors of motorcycle histories, some of whom - mentioning no names - publicly patted themselves on the back for having spent days looking through pre-war copies of Motor Cycling and the Motor Cycle but seemingly did not bother to look at any of the other relevant pre-war magazines.

One of the New Zealand magazines which ran from 1909 to 1934 was entitled The New Zealand Motor and Cycle Journal and I am very grateful to Don Muller, the Archivist of the New Zealand Vintage Car Club, who has recently copied some early pages of Norton interest for us.  These are attached and well worth; they can be accessed via this link

Sunday, 8 January 2023

Another use for the Best and Lloyd hand pump


-SG- Some eighty years ago the de Havilland Aircraft Company introduced their Mosquito Fighter Bomber,  Powered by two Rolls Royce engines, it was unusual in that much of the fuselage was made of balsa and other wood. Few examples have survived and three have been restored to flying condition by the NZ Avspecs company, with Norton owner Derek Smith being one of their leading craftsmen. A standard fitment to these aircraft seems to have been the Best and Lloyd hand pump and regulator fitted to production model Nortons in the late twenties.  It is clearly shown in the cockpit photo Ken McIntosh has kindly sent in - apparently used in the aircraft for spraying alcohol on to the windscreen for de-icing purposes.

Sunday, 18 December 2022

The 121 MPH racer again


-JdK- We've had the story on Nigel Fox's 16H racer on the site before; Simon found another article which is shared via this link.

Saturday, 17 December 2022

1920s Norton magneto shield


-SG- During my recent tidying up exercise, I came across a drawing of a mid-twenties magneto shield.  This was sent me a while back by a helpful chap in Wales, whose name I cannot find. While it appears very similar to the one I recently advertised, I do not think it is exactly the same but I attach scans of the drawing in case anyone wishes to have a go at making one, as well as a shot of the one recently sold.