Friday, 13 October 2017

The 1931 Unapproachable

The 1931 Model CS1 Norton

-SG- Having established their 'Unapproachable' booklets a couple of years earlier, Norton's stuck with the theme for 1931. This publication  - courtesy of Ian - covers the  product range for the new year, but unlike those produced later in the thirties, does not detail the sporting achievements of the previous year.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The 1931 leaflet

-SG- More from Ian ... 1931 was a gloomy time for industry world wide as a result of the Depression. Where Nortons were concerned, a small indication of the situation is that quite a few 1929 and 1930 Models were still being sold off to dealers in 1931 - doubtless at greatly discounted prices. This is the 1931 leaflet.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

1931 Model 20 Norton

-JdK- Ian in Canada recently bought this 1931 Norton Model 20 from a long time friend. It was bought from the 1st or 2nd owner in 1984. Before that it was laid up in 1950. The motor needed very little attention; new bearings were fitted but only because it was apart anyway.

The Dating Certificate states it had speedo, lights and originally had a panel in the tank. The gearbox as fitted is from a 1931 CS1 also shipped to Toronto in 1931.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Dougie Brown, 1920 TT

-SG- On his recent IOM visit Alan came across Mannin Collections shop in Peel. This has many items of TT interest on display - the proprietors' collection, not for sale - and included amongst them was this shot of Dougie Brown, who finished second, and the gold medal he was awarded. There were no less than thirteen Nortons in the 1920 event - five  retired but seemingly, all the works bikes finished in various positions. D M Brown was I believe also mounted on a works bike, despite the IOM registration number.  Thanks Alan!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

1939 Model ES2 Norton

-JdK- John in Australia sent these pic and words: "Jack Walters on a 1939 ES2 he raced for a while here in Victoria Australia.  He bought the bike new with the optional large capacity petrol tank and 2 1/2" filler oil tank. I acquired the bike and have nearly completed restoration."

Thursday, 28 September 2017

A 1929 Model CJ Norton ...

-SG- ...pictured in Yorkshire in 1935. This pleasing photo comes from the photograph album of Calum's (purveyor of the 1930 Amal booklet just posted) grandfather. The chaps on the bike were just a couple of his grandfather's friends. He has promised to see if there are any other Norton related photographs in there. Meanwhile, thanks for this one!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Dirt Track Nortons - yet more!

-SG- Few are known to exist and of the few which do, it is far from clear if any of them is, shall we say, '100% genuine.'

The Haynes Museum bike - which came originally from the Netherlands and is on loan from the owners - has what appears to be a Model 18 engine in most respects. The machine in Ian Paterson's Cinder and Shale museum in Scotland is a replica put together in the nineties although part of the frame may be genuine. Ian's model, down in Devon, came from the Cinder and Shale collection and seems to have a Model 20 head but Ian has kindly said he will make a note of the engine number when it is next taken down from the shelf in the building housing his collection of over sixty Nortons.

Then there is another in the Netherlands - of which recent photographs are attached above. Here again the engine seems to be composite - 1930 Model 18 crankcases and 1930 Model 20 head. However it appears still to have the original special CS gearbox which has been the subject of earlier postings.  Let me stress that DT flywheels will fit straight into the 1930 Model 18, 19 or 20  crank cases and it is of course possible that any or all of these machines still retain original steel flywheel assemblies. However, the magneto chain cover was considerably shorter (more than an inch) on the DT engines, a feature I think visible on only the the Haynes bike and 'Cinder and Shale' replica.

As far as surviving engines are concerned, there appears to be two (not complete) in New Zealand, one I have recently heard of in Australia and one, possibly two, here in UK. I say 'possibly two' in UK because the then owner of the Haynes bike also had most if not all of a genuine engine as well.  After his unexpected death at an early age, his widow had a visit from someone offering to 'clear out' his accumulated motor cycle stuff of which she had no need. The DT engine was part of the lot and it is not entirely clear if this is the other known UK engine or yet another.

If anyone has any more input on these rare Norton models, please get in touch!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

The 1930 brochure

-SG- Thanks to Ian, here's a copy of the 1930 all models brochure. Unlike the leaflet we have just posted, which had a very similar cover, this shows the Carroll engined CS1 and also the Models 20 and 22.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

1930 Amal booklet


-SG- Thanks to Calum we have received scans of the 1930 Amal booklet which covers also Amac, Binks and B and B carburettors from 1923 to 1928. It contains brief texts about the range of each make it covers and has numerous parts lists and illustrations. A very useful source of reference for anyone interested in bikes of the period, Nortons included

Monday, 18 September 2017

The 1929 "Unapproachable"

-SG- Courtesy of Ian, here's a scan of the 1929 Norton  'Unapproachable' pamphlet. A re-print of this booklet was done in UK some twenty- five years back of which I have a copy. The cover is NOT all black like this original but has a white edging.  Incidentally, the CJ and JE models, for some now inexplicable reason, are not included.