Saturday, 9 June 2018

Woods at Assen, 1927, OP8644

-SG- Our posting of April 2018 re Don Morley's CS1 mentioned that Stanley Woods' 1927 TT machine almost certainly had registration number OP8644. Here he is on it at the Dutch TT (Assen) later in the year. This link also shows a film taken at this event. See this photo too.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

1927 Model 25 Norton - For sale at Verralls

-SG- Ian of Verralls has this very nice and interesting Model 25 Norton for sale. Please find the description below, in Ian's own words:

"I'm bound to say this Model 25 is an excellent piece of kit, as it belongs to my father. He decided to hang up his riding boots about ten years ago but kept his favorite bikes just for company.

He bought the bike from a certain Brian R. Verrall in 1998 in 'as raced' condition. Apparently used on Pendine sands back in the day but no record of the rider. Record shows first owner as a Mr Bleaghs of Cheshire. Earliest owner on the logbook is a Mr Rogers of Birkenhead in 1936. 

It was complete and matching numbers (engine and frame) but in need of an entire rebuild which he undertook. Then used on the road from October 1998.

Unfortunately about five years later the conrod broke during a rally and wrecked the crankcases. These were pretty much beyond repair so we sourced replacement cases numbered 33795. Obviously the old originals have been retained.  I think I still have the original damaged barrel with matching number to the original cases. I do have the two part conrod! Numbers are.

Registered             KA 5915.
First registered      2.2.1927
Frame number       25xxx
Engine number      33xxx now replaced with 33xxx.
Gear box (earlier)  HW29505

The bike is fully documented. The first log book is from 1936 and indicates Model as 'TT Replica'. There is a copy of the works despatch book entry which confirms the details."

Please contact Ian at Verralls when you're interested.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

1924 Model 16H Norton

-JdK- Tony in the UK recently found this photo in his family archives. The motorcycle is a 1924 Model 16H Norton. XT 1721 was issued from April 1924 to June 1924 by London County Council.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Another special CS1 ...

-SG- Those with an interest in the Moore CS1s may recall our posting re the Gardner engine and may be intrigued by the fact that another non-standard engine - alas with no cycle parts - has turned up in Poland. The owner has kindly provided photos and from these, it is clear that it has some similarities to the Gardner unit but is not 100% identical. Dis-assembly would tell us more of course but apparent similarities are:

  1. It has a right hand exhaust port and angled inlet port.
  2. The crankcase oil level adjuster is absent from the timing cover.
  3. The cylinder head has front bosses - undrilled - for a possible head steady arrangement.
  4. There appears to be an oil feed to the upper rear crankcase stud for feeding to the barrel base.

The cambox however appears to be the regular CS1 shape whereas that of the Gardner unit is not atall the same, using a different casting,  bearing arrangement and cams.

Most unfortunately, the original engine numbers have been removed some time ago and different numbers with no relevance to the Norton records have been stamped on. It is thus not possible to locate the engine in the records.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

'Pa' Norton's grave

Looks like a nice old grave to us ...
Then someone suggested it needs restoration ...
Gridblasted and fresh paint ...
The red stuff is some 'tasteful' floral decoration
and thus not permanent.
And now this to finish it off ...

-JdK and SG-  Ian has recently drawn our attention to the current  - and in our view - now rather over-restored state of the grave of James Lansdowne Norton and his wife. The restoration was recently carried out, I understand, under the auspices of the Norton Owners' Club with the agreement of family members. Photos of the before and after state of the grave are attached and we are grateful to Ian for mentioning it. Did it need a bit of tidying up? Yes, probably. Was it necessary to apparently gritblast the stone work, change the original granite chippings and add the somewhat oversize plaque with an outline of a poorly restored 1916 Big Four? Not in our view, but we accept it's all a matter of personal opinion!

Thursday, 24 May 2018

OHV valve and pushrod return springs - For sale

-JdK- Tom has reproduced OHV valve springs and pushrod return springs for both versions of the Model 18, 1922-25 and 1926-30. All were made to original specification. Price for valve springs is £70 per set, 1922-25 pushrod springs £40 per set, 1926-30 pushrod springs £50 per set. Contact us for Tom's email address when you're interested in purchasing a set.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Another NZ advert. - Brehauts Timaru/Geraldine

-SG- John has been in touch, following the recent posting of NZ Norton adverts sent in by Peter Thomson, and has kindly sent in a scan of a later advert from the Timaru Herald. The date written on the bottom of the ad. appears to be a year out, however, as Bert Denly - plus Nigel Spring prepared 588 Norton - took both records in early April 1927. I have not checked the copies of Motor Cycle/Cycling for period reports but the late Peter Hartley's book 'Brooklands Bikes in the Twenties' says that both records were achieved with the same machine and that several other records were taken in both rides.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Model 18 Norton

-Tomas- Please find attached two pictures from the 1925 "Filius" tour-race held in Gyor, Hungary, where a Model 18 is visible. The owner is Stephen Horthy, the son of the governor of Hungary. Mr Horthy was a keen motorcycle racer and military pilot who was killed in an airplane accident in an Italian fighter plane during the 30s. The pictures are rather misty because they are from the news movie  taken at the event.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Early Nortons in New Zealand

-SG- My good friend Peter Thomson (Thomson's Motor Museum) has been prompted by our recent posting to send us an interesting message and scans of relevant adverts. "Looking at the last post on your website made me go looking for an advert that I have that covers what I seem to remember was at least  seven Nortons at a competition here in NZ pre-1912. The owners' names and specific  Norton models are all in the advert, if I remember correctly. Well, I’ve found everything but the one I wanted so what I have done is to attach the three adverts that I did find. They sort of document a 1909 model as being the first Norton, resident in NZ, to be written up in a publication of the era. I’m still looking for the other advert and will get it to you if I do find it but it does seem as if Mr Pitcher's bike was by no means the only Norton in use in NZ at the time."

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

c1910 Model Big 4 Norton

-SG- The rather grainy image attached shows Mr L Pitcher who achieved a perfect score in the February 1912 Christchurch - Banks Peninsular and return event  (New Zealand) on his Norton. This was no mean achievement, bearing in mind the very basic nature of New Zealand roads at the time.

-Andrew in Australia- This Norton likely is 1910 and it’s a Big 4 with a NortoRoc 2 speed gear, the same as the one I have here. That is the only picture of one of these machines taken side on that I have ever seen. There is a fellow in NZ that has a Big 4 engine so more than likely it would be the engine from this bike.

Looks like the rear gear change pedals come out from the rear engine mount bolt and it has a square plate to stop your foot coming off, no rubber foot pegs. Engine defiantly has extended mouth for 633cc. Front guard is half valanced. Front brake lever  is a normal modern configuration. Can’t see a valve lifter. That might be on the right-hand side as they are crank handle start and being a long bike, it would be hard to reach the other side and crank the handle. Bosch DA2 magi with Brown and Barlow carbi. Quite narrow handle bars like the 08 and 09 models. The 2 straps that can just be made out on the seat tube are to hold the leather bag that the crank handle is stored in.