Sunday, 18 January 2015

1922 Grand Prix des motocyclettes de Strasbourg

-JdK- And another one from the archives of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. This line up - from left to right - shows, according to the caption:  (19) Hassall, (23) Hollowell, (14) G. Walker, (6) Shaw and (22) Francisquet. The photo was taken on the 11th of July 1922 at the Grand Prix des motocyclettes de Strasbourg.

The four guys on the left have a Model 18; Francisquet got a 16H. James Norton is seen with his hand on Hollowell's shoulder. Walker did not like bar-end levers.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Billy Hollowell, 1922 Model 18 Norton

-JdK- Another great photo from the archives of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. Taken on the 11th of July 1922 it depicts Hollowell at the Grand Prix des motocyclettes de Strasbourg on his Model 18 Norton. We have seen Billy before on a similar machine.

Monday, 12 January 2015

John White, 1938 Model 40M Norton

'Crasher' White at speed (pic by Alain)

-Richard- This photo is from the 1938 Junior TT where the new tele' fork 350 Norton racers struggled to match the performance of the 1937 bikes and more importantly the 1938 Velocettes. Stanley Woods won the race from Ted Mellors, both on Velo's, with Freddie Frith third and John (Crasher) White fourth and Harold Daniel fifth. Fortunately Harold (on a Norton) was to redress the balance in the Senior with a record breaking win and the first sub 25 minute 91mph lap.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rocker pad removal

-JdK- How to remove the rocker pads from the rockers of your Carroll engine; you can off course use a heavy hammer but the method illustrated above (provided by Ian) is less likely to end in broken parts and tears.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

1936 Model 30 - Manx - Norton engine

-JdK- Edmondo in Italy sent this photo of his 1936 Model 30 Manx engine. The engine came from the factory as an 'engine only' and was already marked as a "Manx" in the records. The significance of this is that all Norton literature suggests that the "Manx" name was first used after WW2; apparently the name was already in use by the factory 10 years earlier to identify racing spec engines ...

The engine was delivered to Amal Ltd. and one can only guess it was used for testing their carburetters.

Eddy is now planning to build a complete Model 30 (Manx?) around these crankcases and has sourced a frame but is still looking for an alloy barrel and a set of parallel front forks. He has an iron M30 barrel and a set of 1946 ES2 front forks available to swap. Please contact us if you wish to talk to Eddy

Monday, 5 January 2015

c1926 Model Big Four

-JdK- George has been working on a c1916 Model Big Four Norton. Originally supplied to Russia in WW1 it was found as pile of parts in California; unfortunately without wheels which is one of the reasons for fitting later hubs and brakes. The paint on the petrol tank is fresh!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

c1927 Model 18 Norton

These pics were sent by Alex in the UK. Alex: "I have just been given a Model 18 Norton for Christmas by my Dad. He purchased it around 1970 from a dealer in Liverpool who had received it from a Swiss museum where it was on display as one of Jimmy Simpson's TT machines where it is believed to have raced on The Island in the late 1920s. It has been sat in the back of a shed for around 30 years."

-JdK- Bloody hell, I got a bottle of after shave for Christmas... The story about Simpson and late 1920s TT races may be the usual rubbish by an ill-informed museum staff; it has a Model 18 engine and any flat tank racer would have used a semi dry sump engine in 1927 while works riders would have used a CS1 by then. Still, it is a very nice and rather special machine; the frame has the typical Model 25 wrap around magneto support lug and the lugs for the oiltank on the rear down tube. Further, the forks are heavy weight TT Webbs and the front hub is an 8" Enfield. It may have started life as a Model 25.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

1937 Model 30 Norton

-JdK- Jon in th UK sent these pics of his brilliant 1937 (well, at least the engine and 'box) Model 30 Norton.

"This bike had a lot of updates in its life but the heart of it remains. The 1937 engine and gearbox (no kickstart!) are matching though the frame was replaced with a 1948 plunger. It now sports an alloy rear mudguard and full length seat. Rims are black as are the spokes, with a finned rear brake and a magnesium brake plate at front.

Not sure what's original to be honest but it makes a great ride. It's like every nut has a story to tell. Unfortunately the seat has to be refurbished, it's got a crack in the pan, the sponge is crumbling and being a bump starter its gonna take some punishment! No intention to restore, just road ready"

Sunday, 28 December 2014

c1928 Model CS1 Norton

-SG- David in Nothern Ireland has sent in these three snaps of a c1928 CS1 taken in about 1936. The rider is Fred Stock, who incidentally marshalled at the first post war road race in Lisburn in September 1945. The 'IA' registration appears to have been used for quite a number of years in County Antril during the twenties.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Moore CS1s at the Ramsgate Sprints

-JdK- Two pics taken from the RamsgateHistory website. Both bikes are c1928 Model CS1 Nortons, both were then owned by John in the UK who is also the rider in the photo above. Note the braced front forks on this CS1 that featured on this website before.