Sunday, 18 September 2022

16H Norton engine - For sale


-SG- Ian has an early twenties 16H engine BA2760  which he no longer needs. Photos are attached  and Ian's contact details are   Anyone interested should contact Ian direct.

Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Nortons at the 54th Irish National Vintage Motorcycle Assembly 2022


-JdK- We visited the Irish this year, riding our Big 4s all the way from Holland to the event via IJmuiden, Newcastle upon Tyne, Belfast to Killarney and back, a round trip of 2350 km. There were many fine Nortons at the event and the photos can be found below.

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Race winning Inter in New Zealand


-SG- A regular competitor on Inia's Inter in NZCMRR races is Cloud Craig-Smith and so far he has won three Vintage Championships.  I asked Inia for information about the bike, which I had heard started off as a very rusty relic and here's his reply, as well as photos - thanks Inia!

 "Here above are a couple of pictures of the bike as found, just before we totally dismantled it down to the bare lugs, for re-tubing. As you can see it bears little or no resemblance to the machine that Cloud Craig Smith currently pilots and wins on in the New Zealand classic racing scene.

The frame was totally packed with Black west coast sand and broken in several places so it had obviously been campaigned on the beach - the tubes had rusted paper thin ... The bike came, via his family, from the collection of Jack Inch, a well known Vintage Norton character who passed away some decades ago.

The frame was totally re-constucted to factory drawings by Ken McIntosh and the fuel and oil tanks rebuilt by Steve Roberts ... David Warren made all the mudguard stays and fitted the rest of the tinware.

Lindsay Kyle rebuilt and retuned Artie Laven's motor and so far it has won 3 vintage championships here in New Zealand. The rebuild and finish are a total credit to all involved.

I hope this proves the point that often things and projects that are rejected are not always too far gone and one man's trash can be turned into another's treasure ... I hope this encourages those that read this to get on and finish that project they have because the end result, if done well, is always worth it ... "

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Gas lamps


-SG- I recently came across the Powell and Hanmer advert attached.  Nothing really to do with Nortons  except that vast numbers of Norton owners in the twenties and earlier would have used acetylene lamps and P and H were a major supplier.  I found the text in the centre of the advert quite amusing and typical of twenties humour.  Note there are no acetylene rear lamps shown - for the good reason that rear lights did not become compulsory in the UK until about 1927 so the advert must date from earlier than that.

When I was a lot younger and even more foolish than I am now, I actually fitted an acetylene head lamp to my 1930 Norton which I was using to go to work.  It was surprisingly good but oncoming drivers, presumably not recognising the pool of light as coming from a vehicle, seemed unwilling to dip their head lights, so the idea was quickly abandoned. Incidentally,  I did not have an acetylene rear lamp so fitted an illegal cycle rear lamp to the side of the number plate! 

Saturday, 9 July 2022

A desirable CS1?


-SG- Thanks to Frank who recently sent me the attached photo of a restored, UK-registered CS1. He knows that I deplore the tendency - which seems to be on the decline - of over-restoration and thought this one would produce some appropriate comments from me!  How right he is! Even show models in the twenties did not sparkle like this one - in general there is an excess of plating and polishing and a further cosmetic rebuild would be needed to get back to anything like its original state.  I have to say I am unsure if the plating is nickel, as it should be, or chrome ...

Friday, 8 July 2022

Norton badge

-SG- Reece tells me he was given the Norton badge illustrated in his photos not long ago.  It was apparently made by the Birmingham Medal Company (founded 1921) and if the rocker gear on the engine image is anything to go by, probably dates from 1923 or 1924. Just when and why it was issued and to whom it was given, I have no idea!  Any clues would be interesting.  Meanwhile, thanks to Reece for sending in the photos.

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Model 18 valve springs

-JdK- Leon had some valve springs made in the UK in Quality High Temperature Chrome Vanadium steel,  they were copied from a new set of Terry valve springs VS114 which covers all Arched Rocker engines. Leon is selling at $110AU per set,  please contact Leon at