Saturday, 19 April 2014

1947 Manx Norton

Ron Jerrard
Ron at Thruxton

-Alain- Hereby two photographs of a Manx my Father owned. The photo of my father above was taken at Holmsley aerodrome, a WW2 American airbase in the New Forest, Hampshire, near Southampton. It is a 350cc Manx. The English registration number is EOW 375. This is a Southampton number issued between June and September 1947.

The second photo is Ron racing his Manx in the 350 race at Thruxton on Easter Monday, March, 1951.

EOW 375 is now running around on a 2010 silver Ford motorcar but Alain would dearly love to find out if the Manx still exists.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Model 30 Norton

On the back of this photograph there is an inscription
“my first race Thruxton 1949” 
Clothes completely inappropriate for riding an oily Inter:
smart shoes and smart suit.
Note the clip on his trouser legs!

-Alain- These photo's are of one of my father's friends. The photographs directly above and below have a "UK Air Ministry" stamp on the reverse.

-JdK- This originally was a 1933 Model 30. ALO353 was issued in August 1933 by London C.C. (currently Stanmore London NW). It has some interesting bits fitted; rearset footrests, steel levers on the handlebars, parallel check springs, left hand fillerneck on the oiltank and a home-made gearshifter on the Sturmey Archer 'box.

-Richard- The bike looks like it has been rebuilt and changed quite significantly. The frame is a post 1935 CSI or ES2 type with the curved bottom cradle which with the Inter' wheels (21" front and 20" rear) gives a much higher ground clearance than an Inter' frame does. The forks are also post 1935 and the racing petrol tank looks from the same period. Most of the the other components look to date from 1933, so it's possible the bike may have been in an accident and re-framed at sometime in it's life.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

1929 Model 19 Norton

-JdK- This photo was contributed by Alain in New Zealand. "I believe this bike was the first Norton my father, Ron Jerrard, owned."

This is a 1929 Model 19 Norton; UU4870 was issued from May 1929 to June 1929 by London C.C. (currently London Central).

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ron Beecroft, 1929 Model CS1 Norton

Ron (Roland Arthur) Beecroft and his 1929 CS1 featured on this website before. This photo was taken at Goodwood, 14th april 1951. From Richard's website.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

New tappets for late-1920s OHV Nortons

From top to bottom:
6.50 mm reamer, your old guide and the new tappet

-JdK- Viktor is reproducing OHV tappets; they are made slightly oversized (drawing below) so you can use your old guide which needs no more than a cleanup with a reamer. The quality is excellent, I've fitted a set to my 1927 Model 18 years ago and they seem to last very well. Do check the dimensions with your old set of tappets, there seems to be variation as usual. Contact me for Viktor's details.

Dimensions as supplied by Viktor

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

c1932 Model 30 Norton

-JdK- From Richard's website; what could be a c1932 Model 30 Norton

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Racing Nortons

-JdK- Five brilliant pics contributed by Keith in the UK who has the original negatives of these photo's taken by Chas Mortimer senior himself. What we know is in the captions, most of which comes from Richard.

 Taken at the same time as this photo.
Probably at the 1937 North West 200;
new for '37 were conical front hubs,
rev. counters, square big fin cylinder heads
and new oil tanks with extended filler necks. 
A racing specification production machine
which could be '37 or '38, but interestingly it is
fitted with a 1936 works front brake; 
so this maybe a practise machine or perhaps
one loaned out to a promising non-works rider.
-Paul- Jock Forbes at the 1938 TT races. 
With his 250cc Manxman (#9) on which he came 6th place.
Norton #34 was his Junior (Model 40)
mount that finished 11th place.
John "Crasher" White on one of the 1937 works machines.
You can just see the front brake anchor rod
on the offside fork strut and the big fin cylinder head,
both of which were new for 1937.
Freddie Frith and Les Archer at the 1936 North West 200

Monday, 24 March 2014

Bert Taylor at the 1925 Senior TT

Bert Taylor and his Norton at the 1925 Senior. The Norton could be a Model 18 or the semi dry sump variant thereof.

Monday, 10 March 2014

1922 Model BRS (Model 8) Norton

-Martin Shelley- Hereby pictures of an alleged 1922 Brooklands Road Special (BRS, or Model 8) Norton in the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum. They show what is an obviously genuine and original machine.

Andrew Neall from the museum writes about the history of the bike as follows "Our BRS was bought new in Norwich by a gentleman named George Swain. He was employed, during the last world war, to photograph bomb damage in Norwich. The bike was then bought by a bicycle shop owner and wheeler dealer named 'Dodger' Kerrison and remains in the ownership of the family. The bike is in original condition apart from a new seat cover."

With a 1923 registration from Kent it's perhaps one of the newest belt drive Nortons to survive and later than anything else I have seen. There are lots of other interesting details which can be seen in the attached images. Crucially it has a piecrust-edged tank, while all the others seem to have plain-edged tanks (although actually many - if not most - have replica tanks!)

I doubt it's really a BRS as by that stage the direct belt drive model was simply referred to as the Model 9 ...  (note: the BRS and BS (Brooklands Special, or Model 7) models were no more than bikes with engines that had been tested in a slave frame by O'Donovan at Brooklands. They had exceeded 70 and 75 mph respectively. There was no special tuning involved however; there was a lot of variation in the parts used to build the engines and performance could vary by as much as 10 mph as a result).

The rather poor picture of the Model 9 from the 1922 parts list (above) shows many of the same features as the Norfolk bike, except interestingly the front drum brake.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Rudolph Runtsch, 1935 Model 30 Norton

-JdK- Rudolph again, on a 1935 Model 30 Norton.