Monday 1 April 2013

1936 Model CJ Norton

Cor's got another Norton. It's a 1936 Model CJ Norton that spent it's youth in southern France.

Exhaust pipes for 350cc cammy engines
were hard to find in France
Someone used a hacksaw on the rear mudguard

The CJ was despatched on 21 July 1936 to the agent Psalty in Paris. It's a matching-numbers machine and some of the paint may be original. The Works Records list the following Extra Fittings: a large 3½ gallon petrol tank, full-width oil tank, no lights. Further, a Dunlop Drilastic saddle and a 20" front wheel were fitted

19" rear wheel fitted at front
Note full-width oil tank
It originally came without lights

The CJ needs some TLC but is seems not to be worn out; the warm climate in southern France may have helped a lot. The CJ was delivered without lights; at one stage someone fitted a typical French generator driven by an extension on the left-hand crankpin. Later this was replaced by a Magdyno. Unfortunately the Records don't mention what type of magneto was fitted at the Works.

Black damper knob
Agent Lucien Psalty

For some reason the 19" rear wheel with WM3 rim is now fitted at front while the rear hub now contains the WM2 - 20" front wheel. The CJ will be recommissioned but what's left of the old paint and chrome will be kept as is.

The 20" front wheel fitted rear.
Tyre is an Avon Supreme
Dunlop Drilastic saddle seen from below
A very large petrol tank
No rust in the petrol tank
The previous owner could do
without a valve lifter