Friday 13 November 2009

1928 M18 Norton

This is my Model 18 Norton. It's a 1928 model, easily identified by the round oiltank. The original B&B carburetter has been replaced by an Amac and the Lucas KS1 magneto should be an ML; for the rest it's  quite original, and frame-, engine- and gearbox numbers match. It's one of the last M18s to use the external oil pipes from the MkIII B&L pump to the crankcase

I bought it at Verralls and have had it for three years now. It was in pretty good condition when I bought it but still needed a lot of attention. Most of the bearings in engine and gearbox have been replaced and the cam followers have been resurfaced.

The 1928 M18 is light, it has decent brakes, a perfect gearbox and is still fast enough to use in modern traffic. It feels very 'vintage' with the long frame and the flat tank which makes it great fun to ride. The noise from that open pipe is glorious!

The Norton was despatched on the 26th of September 1927 to the Crow Brothers Garage, Upper High Street in Guildford, to be sold on the 23th of March 1928. The picture below shows  the Crow Brothers Garage in around 1926. Just imagine, more than 80 years ago someone took my M18 in brand new condition from that very shop!