Tuesday 9 October 2012

A nicely presented c1926 Model 18 - SOLD

-SG- The mid twenties Model 18 which has been mentioned before on this site is SOLD up for sale at the forthcoming Bonhams Auction in Stafford. It is certainly a good looking machine and looks very well restored. Much is made of the connection with Alec Bennett in the particulars but - as is also mentioned - this is very slender. Literally all that remains of the Bennett machine are the crankcases and suggesting that the bike 'incorporates the Alec Bennett TT engine' is just untrue.

As for the rest of the bike, the frame is 1926, the forks and front wheel are not as per the 1925 works bikes. Footrests and brake pedal are also incorrect for 1925 as is the cable operating set-up for the supplementary hand pump. To cap it all, the tanks and carburettor are also both incorrect for a 1925 TT model (click this link and this link and this link for photos of the original Bennett-Norton).

John takes the view that it could have been adequately described as 'a nicely presented c1926 Model 18 in sporting trim incorporating the crankcases from Alec Bennett's 1925 TT machine and a period racing gearbox!!'

While it will be good for Bonhams and the present owner if the price suggested (max £35,000) is attained, I believe this is excessive for what is on offer.

(postscript: when questioned about this Bonhams acknowledge that it is only the crankcases which are 'Bennett'; they will instruct the auctioneer to stress that fact)