Saturday 16 January 2021

1927 Model 18 Norton - SOLD

-JdK- Malte has a Model 18 SOLD; contact us when interested. The words below are his.

"Correct numbers for frame and engine as confirmed in the factory records. Also the correct Sturmey Archer CS gearbox with the correct number as confirmed in the factory records. The CS gearbox is close ratio, having a CR stamping on top of the gearbox shell. The engine number is also stamped on the cylinder flange.

Dispatched on the 3rd of March 1927 to dealers “Crow Brothers” in Surrey, UK. A rare, two letter/3 digit registration number as currently fitted to the Model 18 has been retained on the V5 accompanying the bike. 

The Model 18 is very complete and in good unmolested condition. The bike has to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated, but it is remarkably solid. No threads are chewed, only light surface rust in places, no excessive play in the front fork, the Enfield rear brake and front brake are complete and functioning.

Engine and gearbox will need to be taken apart and gone over, but are in good condition. Cams/camwheels/camfollowers in very good condition, no teeth are chipped. Engine turns over smoothly. Gearbox feels tight. Sturmey Archer clutch is complete and in good condition.

Lots of new parts purchased, missing only piston and Best & Lloyd oil pump cover. With competent hands, this Norton flat tanker will be up and running again with little effort."