Friday 25 December 2020

Tom's 1927 Model 18 Norton

-JdK- Tom bought a Model 18 late in 2018 and wonders if anyone could help him with any of the previous history and a half time pinion. Please contact us when you can help. 

The bike was first purchased by William Stacey, the 23 year old son of a butcher, at 1 High St, Hampton in June 1927. He’s the young chap pictured on the right of the photograph (below) taken a few years before.
It has probably been used very little for the last 20 years or so before he bought it, but before that it was registered in Essex and Kent and then went to Blackpool, Lytham St Annes. It has been tuned a bit, with a bored out carb and long inlet tube. Internally it has a CS1 piston, otherwise is standard and the gearbox is close ratio. Forks have been changed and the front brake has additional bracing and works surprisingly well.
If anyone recognises the bike he would love to hear from them and find out anything about previous history or owners. Also, the half time pinion has a tooth missing, if anyone has a good one they would like to sell I would love to hear from them, making new would be expensive!