Tuesday 2 October 2012

Jim Sugg, 1928 Amateur TT

-SG- The 1928 Amateur TT was featured in the recent Norton poster and Tim Hunt/CS1 leaflet and here is a photo of Jim Sugg who finished seventh. His OHV Norton looks well used but it is difficult to see if it is a Model 18 or a Model 25. Suffice to say it seems to have the 8 inch Enfield front brake so might have been a Model 25. The photo was provided to me by the late Peter Roydhouse a few years ago.

-Martin- Mr Sugg's excellent Norton probably is a Model 18. The VJ numbers were first issued in June 1927, the last that year being VJ527, so it is reasonable to assume this bike dates from perhaps July or August 1927. The oil tank appears to be a standard Model 18 one not the much larger gallon tank fitted to Model 25s, and of course the 1927 Model 18 has a right hand filler like this bike.