Saturday 15 September 2012

1928 Norton publicity poster

-SG- Stewart in the UK has kindly provided this copy of a 1928 publicity poster following Norton success in the Amateur TT. The winner was, of course, Tim Hunt on a CS1 which he had supposedly used in the Scottish Six Days Trial earlier in the year. The others referred to in the poster were:

  • Norman Gledhill - 4th. Went on to race Nortons with success in the thirties.
  • J. Robinson - 5th. No data on him - perhaps some can inform us?
  • Eric Lea - 6th. Won the 1929 MGP after various others were disqualified for not abiding by the rules.
  • Jim Sugg - 7th.  Again, went on to race Nortons in the thirties and bought the Woods 1930 Ulster winner from the works (see Norton Story/C E Allen)

Naturally enough, the poster does not mention that a further seven Norton riders competed in the 1928 event and all retired! One of them was Bill Milner who, by then, owned and rode Woods' 1926 TT winning machine; he retired with rocker trouble.