Thursday 30 May 2024

My 1931 CS1 Norton


-JdK- This is my 1931 CS1 Norton and actually the bike that started this blog 15 years ago. I bought it from Paul d'Orleans, in bits, which made it easier to ship it from the US to the Netherlands. Before Paul crated the bike it looked like below; look carefully at the welded magneto chain cover for a confirmation.

I've rebuilt the engine three times now, not because it exploded but because I thought I could do a better job after the first and second build; same for the gearbox that got a new sleeve gear and bearings last winter. The engine is slightly later, 1932, with a bronze head and hairsprings probably dating from 1934. The gearbox off course is a late 30's Dolls Head Norton

The bike came as a pile of bits with an Indian rear wheel, the correct Enfield hub has been fitted now. At front it has a slightly earlier but very good Webb 650 and an 8" Enfield hub. All tinware is replica. The oil tank I fabricated myself. The petrol tank is an Indian made Manx tank that I modified by cutting and welding in a new bottom half.

It's far from original and probably never will be which doesn't bother me at all, it's a lot of fun!