Wednesday 16 December 2020

1935 CS1 Norton - top yoke bracket wanted


-JdK- Leon contacted us with the following request: "The original top yoke that is fitted to my 1935 CS1 is the same as the one I have just purchased (below) but the handle bar bracket section was cut away from my yoke,  WHY?,  I think to fit an Inter type fuel tank.

In their wisdom they then altered the top yoke to accept the WD16H type alloy handle bar brackets seen in the photo but they failed on one important point and that is to get them level. When I did find the correct panel fuel tank I found it would not fit with the handle bars bracket currently fitted as the clashed with the tank,

So I was left to find another top yoke, which luckily I have but as you can see is still missing the little bracket to be able to fasten the handlebars down with."

If any reader has one of the clamps spare and is willing to sell, please get in touch!