Thursday 9 April 2020

Parts for sale

-JdK-  Heiko has these parts for sale. Contact hm on when you are interested.

  • A 1928 ES2 engine with Austrian documents, rebuilt some years ago but never used. It has new roller bearings, new bronze bushes, barrel is honed, new piston, new big end, new valve guides. The oilpump is not the correct type, on the head is some welding work done, 4300 euro.
  • A pair of Model 18 rockers to restore, 150 euro.
  • A pair of 16H tappets and guides in good usable condition, 80 euro
  • A Model 18 head and barrel to restore, the barrel has a little crack on the bottom, 1100 euro
  • 1929 ES2 flywheels, 500ccm, to restore, 250 euro.