Wednesday 20 March 2019

1936/37 Norton racer

-Richard- Dan just added this machine to his collection. It has been in Sweden for the last 60 years. Lots of mods over the years and last run in early 2000. It is a replica of a 1936/7 works racer, as it has features from both years. The frame has all the features as used on the 1936 works machine and is possibly a genuine item or at least a very accurately reproduced copy. It is difficult to see the front forks clearly, but the top yoke and handlebar clamps are from a 16H. The wheels and petrol tank look to be racing specification from 1937/8. The oil tank is of a shape similar to the ones made by Francis Beart in the late 1940s, but is much larger capacity so probably a one-off. The engine and gearbox look to be post-war, the engine having had replacement crankcases which was quite common in the 1950s. Also the clutch lifting mechanism has been modified, possibly because of the oversize oil tank.
   Generally, this is a very desirable machine which, with some component changes, will be a close replica of a works machine and I look forward  to seeing it at an event in the U.K. soon.

Dan is looking for the following parts (or drawings) to complete the bike: a  correct works type engine shock absorber, six spring clutch and also the correct forks or parts. Please contact us when you can help.