Wednesday 5 September 2018

Cow's udder!

-JdK- Olav bought a cow's udder! In his own words: "Very happy was I upon finding this 1938 Norton silencer on the Beaulieu autojumble last weekend. Many years I was looking out for one to fit my 1938 ES2, and now finally it came about and I consider myself a lucky chap to have been able to procure one of the notorious 'cow's udder' silencers. The funny thing about this example is that the inside shows no trace at all of usage, and the mounting bracket on the back is absent. Has it been laying about unfinished and unused for all these years? A curious thing it is.

Anyway, I derusted it, hard soldered a bracket on the back, sprayed it silver and mounted it forthwith on my bike. The exhaust note is great: quite a loud and deep hollow thud without being offensive: just right i'd say. It stands out quite a bit with the clean silver finish now, but that will soon change: I did not use heat resistant paint and with a 2000 km trip to France planned next week I'm sure it will gather some nice patina to fit the rest of the bike. 

I do not consider the design very aesthetically pleasing but it's a rare and special thing and will work very well to get some discussions started among 'enthousiasts'. Furthermore, with this on my bike I'm sure there is absolutely nothing else that the purists can comment on...!"