Sunday 13 May 2018

Early Nortons in New Zealand

-SG- My good friend Peter Thomson (Thomson's Motor Museum) has been prompted by our recent posting to send us an interesting message and scans of relevant adverts. "Looking at the last post on your website made me go looking for an advert that I have that covers what I seem to remember was at least  seven Nortons at a competition here in NZ pre-1912. The owners' names and specific  Norton models are all in the advert, if I remember correctly. Well, I’ve found everything but the one I wanted so what I have done is to attach the three adverts that I did find. They sort of document a 1909 model as being the first Norton, resident in NZ, to be written up in a publication of the era. I’m still looking for the other advert and will get it to you if I do find it but it does seem as if Mr Pitcher's bike was by no means the only Norton in use in NZ at the time."