Sunday 12 March 2017

1920 Model 9 Norton ?

Above; the Vintage and Veteran Norton

-SG- My attention has recently been drawn to a supposed Model 9 for sale at Veteran and Vintage for a little matter of £22500 (above). Looks quite tidy although a bit strange and short and there seem to be quite a few differences to other Model 9s (like forks, frame and frame number stamping, for starters) but as this is not a period I'm that strong on, I sought advice elsewhere!  Mike writes:

"I am pretty sure I remember this bike back in the 1980s. Michael Freeman Motors had it for sale, but    withdrew it after some research. It was auctioned off after Mr Freeman died. In my view, the frame is a 16H 1924, with a belt drive back end; forks are 1922; and  engine 1921. It's quite a nice bike, very convincing, Mr Freeman bought three Nortons from the widow of a Norton enthusiast from the Devon area, this one, and the other two were no better as I recall. One was a Big Four with final drive by belt, supposed 1924. It was bought by a certain Mr G Cohen!"

To double check, I have asked for some photos of an authentic Model 9 and these are provided below. A quick comparison between it and the 'Vintage and Veteran' example shows up the various differences. All in all the V and V bike seems like a good looking if expensive bitza ...

Below; a genuine 1921 Model 9 Norton