Sunday 19 March 2017

Australian 1926 Model 18 Norton

-SG- Thanks again to Ian who has recently lent me the attached photo which - lucky chap - he picked up a while back in an antique shop for a couple of dollars. It is an enlargement - nearly A3 size - and I have had it shrunk to A4-ish for ease of transmission.While I appreciate we have had a few similar period photos before, this shows quite a lot of detail. The bike looks fairly well used so I guess the photo was taken considerably after 1926. Small points worth mentioning ... a. Front brake/hub is Enfield. b. It has an ML magneto more usually fitted to the SV models at this stage rather than a CAV. It may perhaps have been changed or maybe, Nortons fitted all Australia-bound bikes with MLs, whether OHV or SV.  c. It has a straight pull twist grip throttle control, probably B and B. d. The original 1926 footrests with detachable upper rubbers are still in place. Original photos such as this are greatly appreciated!