Saturday 19 September 2015

1929 Model 16H Norton

-JdK- Ian in the UK sent in these very nice pics; the bike is a 1929 Model 16H Norton and apparently still quite new when the photo was taken.

Ian: "These two photographs were among a bunch of family ones I recently inherited, unfortunately I've no idea who the people are although they could be either McIver or Fox from Inverness"

Martin: "This registration (XS2316) was issued in Paisley near Glasgow in 1929, one of just over two hundred vehicles of all types registered in Paisley that year. The registration records do survive but they are held at the Kithead Trust in Droitwich Spa which unfortunately means they are difficult to search as they have never been digitised or even really properly sorted. Consequently it would be difficult to find out anything about the first owner."