Wednesday 23 September 2015

1926 Model 18 Norton

-SG- Alan has sent in a few photos of a really quite original Model 18 of 1926 vintage which definitely falls into the 'use 'em' category. Colin, the current owner, tells me it was sprinted in the fifties and sixties - as he puts it - 'without a great deal of success!' The home-brewed primary chain guard probably dates from this activity. It will be noted that it still has a correct rear hub for early '26 and - from what one can see of it, front one too. Note the 1929 brass type 6 Amal carb. - the first year of production of the type 6 which at that stage had no throttle stop screw on the body. Incidentally, one of Colin's friends managed to break the rear stand while in the Island so if anyone can help with a set of lugs - or even a replacement stand - please get in touch and I'll pass on Colin's contact details.