Sunday 8 September 2013

Period photos from Somerset‏

Harold Ham, c1928 Model CS1 Norton

-SG- It hardly seems like twelve years ago (I can assure those of more moderate age that time really does seem to pass more quickly when over 70!) that Phil kindly sent me a copy photo of his grandfather, farmer Harold Ham, with his then nearly new CS1 Norton and another, slightly earlier, of him with his 1924 Big Four outfit with the family aboard.

(Anyone in the throes of restoring either of these models should perhaps take a good look at the photos in an effort to avoid the all too frequent errors we are now used to seeing. As I said in the few words accompanying the CS1 restored in NZ by David, it costs no more to do it right ...)

Harold Ham and family, 1924 Model Big Four Norton

When I asked Phil recently if we could put his family photos on this website - to which he agreed - he recalled his grandfather having told him that during the scrap metal drive in UK in WW II, he had given all sorts of bikes and parts to the official scrap collector. Such was the price of patriotism to a fomer member of the Royal Flying Corps! Sadly it has been recorded since, that much of the scrap collected finished up down dis-used coal mines but that, I guess, is a case of being wise after the event. The photos were taken outside the family farm - Elm Tree Farm, Lower Weare, near Axbridge.