Sunday 28 April 2013

Piston rings

-SG- The British Piston Ring Company Ltd flourished before and after the War and supplied many dealers and wholesalers with their BRICO Piston Rings. I happened upon my copy of their 1930 Catalogue when making a feeble attempt to tidy my disordered files and these scans shows what they had to offer as far as Nortons were concerned.

The Catalogue itself brought back a few non-Norton memories: it came from a small business in Chertsey, Surrey run by a chap called Benny Beach. Benny was a batchelor and lived in a state of considerable disorder in an early Victorian Bungalow down a back lane in the town.  His bungalow was literally filled with bicycles - in almost every room, they were stacked one upon the other. Other occupants of his home were several cats who had made an area under the bed in what had been the spare bedroom their own particular and somewhat odorous patch. Benny's business, when I knew him, was cycle repair but he had also carried out repairs to motor cycles during the thirties and forties hence, having the Brico catalogue.

On his death in the late seventies, the house was emptied and several skips were needed to take away the mound of bicycles. New spares were sold off and I obtained a few good motor cycle inner tubes, control cables and minor odds and ends. It would be nice to relate that a flat tank Norton was found buried under the bicycles but no such luck. What did emerge was a 1927 277cc SV Triumph, 100% complete and last taxed in 1932. Tyres and other rubber items on it were perished but otherwise it was immaculate. The solicitors responsible for winding up the estate sold the Triumph for £75 and it subsequently made £700 at auction!