Monday 24 December 2012

1926 Model 25 Norton

-JdK- Juris's Model 25 has been on this website before but he has sent a few more pics. Juris: "I got my Model 25 Norton from the UK in a shady deal - I swapped it for a Russian 250 cc GP racer a long while ago.

The frame and tank are correct for 1926 as are the wheels with special rims and wired-on tyres and an integral Enfield rear brake drum. The mudguards are period racing type new-old-stock. The cams were worn out and I had them rebuilt using Stellite and then ground to IT profile. I have a master cam now and can remake such cams. The engine had a drilled conrod that I replaced for a standard undrilled Norton rod from a later model as I was afraid that it would break as many of them did... I rebuilt the cylinder head with chrome-moly steel valve seat inserts. I have now remade the rear brake rod to operate on pulling and not on pushing - the pushing arrangement may be original for the Model 25 but it looks unsafe..."