Wednesday 30 November 2011

More on the Model 25 Norton - the original survivors

-SG- How many Model 25s were produced? More than one might think - about 160, covering the period end 1926 to late 1927.

Above are a couple of indifferent shots of a bare frame taken some thirty years back, the number of which I have been unable to find in the records. None the less it appears to be genuine - note oil tank mounting lugs and full wrap round magneto support bracket on front down tube.

I have few photos of un-restored examples: one of them appeared on these pages already which has a 'no-kick-start' LS gearbox, oil pump pedal, and supplementary tank for chain lubrication. And here above is another, shipped out in mid 1927. Note the CS gearbox, no oil pump pedal, and, unusually, although an original fitment, the Binks Two Jet Carburettor. Both have the large oil tanks, heavy weight Webb forks and 8" Enfield front hubs. Also evident - the wider tank with mountings for Dance knee grips.

Photos of any other original survivors would be more than welcome!