Thursday 25 March 2010

Paul's 1925 M18 Norton

An email sent by Paul from Australia:

"This Model 18 I made up from bits so it is circa 1925, but has various other bits. It will do 79 mph but that's all. It's an exciting ride at 79 mph though. I don't do it often but it's good to see 'what'll she do Mister'. 

I put on a mid thirties inlet stub, turned down to length. It also has a 1 1/16" carb. The books tell me that 1920's M18 inlet stubs are 1 1/16", but all the ones I've seen are 1". I cannot get a conrod with a 7/8" small end, but have a machined 16H piston ready for when I do. I also have it geared very tall so under load I have to be listening for engine knock and adjusting the spark advance and throttle accordingly. But when she gets her head up mate, she really goes. I am running 0.008" clearance in the bore as I seized it twice with .006". I have the correct main bearings but they're unbranded, so I dont know how long they'll last. The front hub is a CSI hub. I was given it when I bought my engine.I think that the fellow I bought my engine off thought he'd stitched me up, so he chucked in the hub and a magneto. I'm lucky to get it,but it still doesn't really work. You have to be careful when you lace the rims, or you easily pull it out of round. I've been told that I need linings to be mounted differently to make the trailing shoe work better, so I'll look into this.

Attached is a photo of the Model 18. Not parked. Waiting."