Tuesday 28 April 2009

Auction time

What to do when you don't really pay attention to what happens at the Bonhams auction and a rather sorry-looking flat tank Norton project comes up for sale at a price that you consider more than reasonable? In a split second my instincts took over, I raised my hand, the hammer fell and I had bought a lot containing the rusty remains of a 1920s 16H.

Only when unloaded at home did I take a closer look at my new purchase and fortunately it looks like a decent deal. The 16H engine as fitted is in very good condition. The spare bottom end that came with the lot looks quite undamaged and I love those holes in the conrod!

I spent a very nice evening aligning my spare Norton engines; which is rather pointless but it beats watching television. Some of these engines are complete rubbish, others are somewhat better but amongst them they should contain the parts to make at least one proper engine!