Tuesday 2 April 2024

More on single gears!


-SG- David has scanned a few letters from 'The Motor Cycle' in November 1923 for which thanks!  Apart from those riders greatly in favour of single speeders, it's worth stressing the letter from W J Hassall, on behalf of the company, to the effect that they would still supply a single speeder if desired.

Did any one actually take him up on his offer? I spent half an hour looking at the relevant section of the Despatch Books this morning and finally found one entry for a Model 9 (engine number 8289) in April 1924. The purchaser is shown as  F R Moore. I think this may be the very last Model 9 in the records but if anyone has found a later one, please let us know.

No sooner said than done! David has located a slightly later model 9 with engine number 10565, despatched in June '24 to a dealer called Wise.