Friday 16 June 2023

A 1930 racing spec CS1 Norton

-SG-  Back in 2010 we had a couple of postings about 1930  racing spec. CS1s in Yorkshire. One of them, registration number WX5232, seems to have disappeared without trace. The other, a matching numbers machine with reg. no. WX5132, has apparently been stashed away in a  dis-mantled state, for the last sixty years or so - and has recently re-appeared, after a full re-build; see above. Phil, the new owner, tells us it should be appearing at this year's Banbury Run. This is a machine of some importance and rarity - supplied in August 1930 to wealthy Skipton butcher Jack Carr. Jack finished 11th on it in the MGP of 1930 and 3rd in 1931.