Friday 17 February 2023

New Zealand Inters

-SG- Early in December we posted a pre-war photo of (probably) Dick Lawton and his mid twenties Model 18.  Peter Thomson (Thomson Motor Museum) came up with Dick as being the likely rider in the photo and he has also sent me copies of some Box Brownie snaps taken mainly at lower south island racing venues in the thirties and forties. Richard has had a look at these prints for us (all depicting OHC Nortons) and his comments and the photos follow on.  Thanks to all concerned. 

The machine above is a 1932 Model 30 that has seen some racing modifications from it's original specification. The engine has an early type positive end-feed cambox, as used on the works machines. The carburettor looks to have twin float chambers and the rev counter would be a much latter fitment. Other mods include the large muff fitted on the front brake drum, and the larger looking petrol tank which might have been made as a one-off for this bike. The centre stand was not fitted until late 1935 on production machines, but was designed to fit the existing frames and can easily be fitted to earlier machines. 

This Inter above looks to be around 1938 and is fairly standard except for having the larger racing specification petrol and oil tanks. There are some other minor mods, such as racing mudguard etc., but it is not to full racing specification.

Above is a fairly standard 1934 or 1935 CJ Norton that has had a few parts changed for off-road competition with possibly a narrow pre-war trials petrol tank. Norton could supply any model to Trials specification, but this is does not have enough competition parts to be one of those.

Above is a 1936/7 Model 30 fitted with the optional bi-metal head and barrel, and also a positive end-feed racing cambox. The carburettor looks to have twin float chambers, so might be using alcohol fuel. The oil tank is from a 1932/3 model and the petrol tank looks like a pre-war trials type. The rest of the bike looks fairly standard, but stripped for competition.