Wednesday 30 November 2022

Andrew's 1927 Model 18 Norton


-JdK- Andrew in the UK recently bought himself a 1927/28 Model 18 Norton and spent the evening giving it a good clean with paraffin and it is coming up very well. 

Simon had a look at the despatch book records and the situation is basically that the bike started off with engine number 33xxx and frame 26xxx. It was despatched in March 1927 to a dealer called Ingle in Ripley and he delivered it to his customer Mr E Lomas of Sheffield on 25/3/27.  It was fitted with a magdyno and the throttle/air control were of the type which opens inwards - usual fitment for Nortons at the time was for these levers to open outwards. The engine now in it 39xxx was originally fitted to a 1928 Model 18 with frame number 32xxx. It was despatched in April 1928 but the dealer's/customer's names are illegible. 

Andrew thinks it has been used in competition due to things he have found and parts he collected with it. Some examples below:- 

  • Levers have had ball ends brazed on.
  • Later carb - Brass Brown & Barlow in box of bits.
  • Later ML Lister KN1 magneto fitted - don't have old one but it would have had a Lucas MDB1 mag/dyno and lights.
  • Lights removed - Headlight & taillight and switch in box of bits but missing ammeter.
  • Early straight pull throttle.
  • Various items have been lock wired.
  • Various bits have drilled holes in.
  • Gear linkage changed to foot (1 down, 2 up).
  • Boxes of spare gearboxes.

The bike was purchased on 21 March 1966 by Harry William Swingler, Manor House, Stathern, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. It then passed to his son Julian in 2/10/2008 who never had it running and has now died. Andrew bought it from the estate.

It would be great if more information might be gained of its history, please contact us when you know this bike.