Friday 18 November 2022

1930 Model Big Four Norton - For sale


-SG- With a few exceptions, it seems to me that most of those interested in pre-war Nortons look primarily at OHV/OHC Models and the work-horse SV machines don't attract as much attention.  I recently exchanged messages with David who is advertising his 1930 Big Four/Model 1 on Car and Classic. This is a matching numbers bike despatched in late March 1930 to a dealer in Tunbridge Wells called R Carey who in turn delivered it to his local customer a few days later. It does not show in the records that it was fitted with a sidecar but this could well have been done by the dealer and it would, I think, have been unusual at the time to use a Big Four as a solo. While looking up the details of this machine in the records, I did a quick check on how many Model 1s were actually sold at the time by the factory. The answer is surprisingly few - in 430 entries from January 1930, there were just 29 Model 1s. Compare this with a check on the same period in 1925 and the result is 93. To a considerable extent this difference is probably attributable to the world wide financial depression prevalent in the early thirties but another contributory factor may simply have been a tendency for sidecar users to be tempted to opt for cheap four wheeled transport offered by the Austin 7, Morris 8 etc. The machine looks eminently usable and in good order and anyone interested can contact David direct - his mobile phone number is 07973508804.