Thursday 26 May 2022

1927 Model 18 Norton


-SG- After forty years in pieces this 1927 Model 18 is back together and up and running.  It seems the original engine had disappeared (perhaps irreparably damaged in a 'blow up') and for a while, a 1930 16H unit was pressed into service. This, in turn, was later modified by changes to the tappet guides etc. so that a pre-30 head and barrel could be fitted with, of course, open push rods and valve gear. I note from the short video I was sent that the rockers used are pre-25  but in cases of necessity, one uses what one can get! 

Included are photos of unrestored/original features such as the front and rear brakes (no plating), the gearbox mounting with original nuts and adjuster, the engine timing side with modifications to make it OHV, and the Andre steering damper with much lightened anchor stay.