Sunday 17 April 2022

1926 model 18 Norton


-JdK- Roger is restoring his flat tank Model 18 and needs the Y shaped junction for the oil lines - let us know via email when you can help.

"My bike is made up from parts from around the world - the frame came back from Australia in the 80s, and I replaced the very rusty rear tubes. The engine, gearbox and forks are all correct for 1926. I've sourced a petrol tank, saddle, carrier and oil tank, but have had to make many new parts - handlebars, handlebar clamps, fork yokes and spindles, rear engine plate set, rear brake assembly, rear stand, valve lifter parts - the list goes on! I'm currently making a magneto platform and hoping I can source a Y shaped oil manifold, or borrow one to make a pattern. The carb is the correct B&B, restored by Martyn Bratby. Levers came from Mark Baker, grips from Jeff Hunter. I haven't been anywhere near DVLA yet, I'm leaving this until the bike is complete!"