Sunday 5 July 2020

Norton parts for sale

-JdK- Olav has the following parts for sale; parts are located in Belgium, international shipping no problem. Contact Olav on when interested.

  • SOLD Norton 1932 petrol tank (2 1/4 gallon type), type for gate gear-change. Tank is in good shape, no deep rust or holes. Chromium plating is coming off in quite a few places, but solid underneath. Has a few minor dents. 
  • SOLD Sturmey Archer 3-speed gearbox for gate-change (as standard on most 1931-1932 models and some in 1933). Gearbox is in a very good condition, no serious damages in the aluminium castings nor the internals, all threads are good. Turns freely and shifts good trough all the gears.
  • Norton +/- 1940 Doll's Head gearbox, reconditioned: new bearings and bushes (main gear wheel). Top left mounting lug broken in the past but welded back on (stronger than ever). All splines and threads are good. Axial play of the main shaft has been shimmed correct. Gearshift linkage has been adjusted. Box turns freely and shifts trough all gears as it should. Ready to fit, just add oil.