Saturday 20 October 2018

1927 Model 19 Norton

-JdK- Rob in the UK was in touch about his bike; the story in his own words can be found below.

"My father bought the bike in bits from a friend of his in the early 1980s. He had the frame repaired and powder coated and the petrol tank and oil tank painted at the same time. It was then put up into the loft. And forgotten about. I had forgotten all about it until about two years ago. I got in touch with Norton Owners Club and paid my £15.00. Sent them the frame and engine number and that is how I found out the year and model. Then the search started for the missing parts.

The bike is at my fathers at the moment at the moment. I have finished building my own garage and so I can now bring the Norton home and start the long road to put it back on the road.

I'm looking for the following parts; please contact me via this website if you can help. Looking for valves, push rods and springs, piston, mudguards front and rear and stays, rear brake rod, handlebars and levers, exhaust pipe, footrests, rear stand."