Friday 2 February 2018

Yet another 1907 TT Norton ...

-SG- In December 2016 and July 2017 we had postings about a collection of parts purporting to be the remains of a 1907 Norton, reportedly purchased by Sammy Miller for a substantial sum from someone in South America ... Yes, South America!

I can't say I am wholly surprised at the fact that this bike has now been recreated and for those who are interested in this period of Norton history, there is a short YouTube movie offering about it in which said Mr Miller states that it is a 1907 TT Norton.

So now we have two contenders for this title, and neither is genuine, in my view or the opinions of others who know much more about this period than I do.

That aside, all credit to Sammy's workshop chaps for getting it together and up and running!

Mike has sent in the following additional comments: "Bob and his team have done wonders with what they had to start with, front part of a veteran Rover frame and forks and a Peugeot engine. Sammy has earned his membership to the magic circle, hey presto, another Rem Fowler "Veteran Norton!""