Friday 27 May 2016

Camshaft fixed

-JdK- Richard informed us a few weeks ago that his Model 18 camshaft had snapped in two; now he informs us the problem has been solved.

Richard: "I’ve made a fix for the existing camshaft as follows:

  • Bore the centre of the existing cam to get rid of the remaining intact portion of the shaft and to provide a centering/locating hole for a new shaft.
  • Make a new shaft (I used EN24T) with a central section that is 0.1”  thickness and is a press fit into the ID of the cam. 
  • Set up the new shaft in the bored camshaft VERY CAREFULLY to ensure the shaft and gear are concentric and then have the shaft and cam laser-welded around the circumference with a fine internal filet weld. I can’t do this myself but have found a local engineering shop that makes an incredibly neat job and will do this quickly and at a fair price.
  • Machine the phosphor-bronze bush in the outer case to get the correct end-float.

I have run a few miles since reassembly and all is OK so far. I’m entered in Banbury and if I make it to the end then I would say this has been successful."