Tuesday 30 December 2014

1937 Model 30 Norton

-JdK- Jon in th UK sent these pics of his brilliant 1937 (well, at least the engine and 'box) Model 30 Norton.

"This bike had a lot of updates in its life but the heart of it remains. The 1937 engine and gearbox (no kickstart!) are matching though the frame was replaced with a 1948 plunger. It now sports an alloy rear mudguard and full length seat. Rims are black as are the spokes, with a finned rear brake and a magnesium brake plate at front.

Not sure what's original to be honest but it makes a great ride. It's like every nut has a story to tell. Unfortunately the seat has to be refurbished, it's got a crack in the pan, the sponge is crumbling and being a bump starter its gonna take some punishment! No intention to restore, just road ready"