Saturday 29 March 2014

Racing Nortons

-JdK- Five brilliant pics contributed by Keith in the UK who has the original negatives of these photo's taken by Chas Mortimer senior himself. What we know is in the captions, most of which comes from Richard.

 Taken at the same time as this photo.
Probably at the 1937 North West 200;
new for '37 were conical front hubs,
rev. counters, square big fin cylinder heads
and new oil tanks with extended filler necks. 
A racing specification production machine
which could be '37 or '38, but interestingly it is
fitted with a 1936 works front brake; 
so this maybe a practise machine or perhaps
one loaned out to a promising non-works rider.
-Paul- Jock Forbes at the 1938 TT races. 
With his 250cc Manxman (#9) on which he came 6th place.
Norton #34 was his Junior (Model 40)
mount that finished 11th place.
John "Crasher" White on one of the 1937 works machines.
You can just see the front brake anchor rod
on the offside fork strut and the big fin cylinder head,
both of which were new for 1937.
Freddie Frith and Les Archer at the 1936 North West 200