Wednesday 4 December 2013

Dennis Minett, 1938, Model 30 Norton

On the 2nd April 1938

-Roger- This picture is of Dennis Minett taking the Class C Outer Circuit record on the 2nd April of 1938 when he was riding a 490cc Norton. This was the one he had used in the fifth race, with race number 2, and the record run took place after the next race.

At the June meeting

At the June meeting he rode in the first Outer Circuit race on Norton number 1, with engine dimensions of 81x100, giving a capacity of 515cc although the programme gave 510cc!  He rode the same Norton in race 4, "The Gold Star Scratch Race" which he won with number 5 and the same dimensions but now listed at 515cc and it was after this race that he took the record.

Immediately after the record he rode a Norton with a 502cc engine with dimensions 80x100 in a Mountain Race and this carried number 2; but this would not have been the same machine that was used to take the record as both the front brake and engine would have had to be changed changed in the short gap between the races.