Sunday 6 October 2013

Norton bits for sale

Double-speed Moore CS1 oilpump sets

David in the UK has just collected his high speed Moore CS1 oil pump sets. These comprise a new crankshaft nut/worm and new bronze pinion to go on the oil pump spindle and the result is that the pump will run at twice normal speed. It is necessary to point out that the keyway in the gear is 1/8" wide whereas the original was 7/64" wide so it will be necessary to use a stepped key when fitting them. He has eight sets available at a cost of £220 each set plus postage.

Early SV crankpins

Davis also has two new crankpins for the earlier SV machines with bronze bush big ends and these are £170 each plus postage. These crankpins for the 'pre-roller big end ' engines will include the necessary nuts - not in pic.

Contact us when you are interested.