Friday 26 July 2013

International Eifelrennen Nürburgring 1937

(For a larger version: position pointer on the photo, press right
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-JdK- This splendid photo was contributed by Thomas in Germany who got the original 1.0 meter print from an old Norton enthusiast in Germany. The resolution is amazing and even better on the photo-paper reprints that Thomas sells: 30 or 60 euro for a reproduction of 1.2 or 2.0 meters long respectively. Contact Thomas directly on: to order a copy.

The photo depicts the start of the Eifelrennen on the 16th of June 1937. Below is a list of the participants. It may have been advertised as an international contest but it was held on exactly the same day as the Isle of Man TT races and not surprisingly very riders from abroad showed up. Note that many of these chaps were member of the NSKK; the Nationalsozialistischer Kraftfahrkorps which was a a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party and quite a few eagles and swastikas can be seen. One of these politically incorrect riders is Franz Vaasen (#60) who featured previously on these pages. The DDAC was the prewar version of the ADAC.

A lot of Moore-designed OHC NSUs ...
... chased by even more Carroll-designed Nortons !

From the 36 entrants no less than 13 riders showed up on a variety of 1930s OHC Nortons while 9 of them brought a Walter Moore-designed OHC NSU.

NSU often dominated German racing until the late 1930s but it has been suggested that much of this success was due to a British rider, Tommy Bullus. Moore took his Norton CS1 design to NSU and whether the design was legally his or not, it has also been suggested that Nortons never bothered to take action as the Carroll-designed engine was far superior anyway.

While the IoM TT races on the 16th of June must have been exciting, the Eifelrennen must have been a great race to watch for anyone interested in Norton history. Some results (contributed by Paddy)

1st Walfried Winkler, DKW

1st Werner Mellmann, NSU

1st Karl Gall, BMW

1000cc Sidecar
1st Hans Kahrmann/Heinrich Eder, DKW

Participants of the International Eifelrennen Nürburgring 16th of June 1937. Organized by start number / name / hometown / motorcycle / title or organization

Klassen B 350 ccm (blue helmets)

36 A. May Berlin Velocette Rottenführer
37 H. Richnow Berlin Rudge Scharführer
38 W. Mellmann Neckarsulm NSU DDAC
39 F. Doevel Osnabrück NSU DDAC
40 H. Bertholet Köln Riehl Rudge DDAC
41 E. Deiß Kassel Imperia NSKK
42 O. Kohfink Bietigheim Norton DDAC
44 F. Anderson England NSU (originally listed as Velocette)
45 H. Widenmeyer Nordheim NSU NSKK
46 R. Meier Mannheim Norton NSKK
47 E. Béranek Oesterreich NSU
48 H. Fleischmann Neckarsulm NSU NSKK
49 J. Wolff Mettlach Velocette DDAC
50 F. Schön Frankfurt Bücker DDAC
51 F. Link Oestereich Norton NSKK
52 G. in der Elst M. Gladbach Norton NSKK
53 W. Hamelehle Sindelfingen NSU NSKK
54 R. Kröhl Erfurt Norton NSKK
55 W. Michael Erfurt Norton NSKK
56 K. Jäkel Kotzenau Imp/Rudge NSKK
57 J. Anderl München UT DDAC
58 E. Nischke Breslau Imp/Rudge NSKK
59 A. Schiffer Köln Norton DDAC
60 F. Vaasen Hambach Norton DDAC
61 K. Kirchhoff Wiesbaden Norton DDAC
62 P. Schaible Weil im Dorf Norton DDAC
63 H. Häusler Biberach NSU NSKK
64 R. Jakobi Wuppertal Norton NSKK
65 E. Bühler Stuttgart Norton DDAC
66 K. Wemhöner Bielefeld Velocette NSKK
67 W. Mazanec Düsseldorf AJS DDAC
68 W. Hauser Berg. Gladbach NSU NSKK
69 G. Vinke Braunschweig Norton NSKK
70 E. Lehmann Freiburg Imp/Rudge DDAC
71 B. Kleinau Kaiserslautern MAG Spez. NSKK
72 H. Thorn-Prikker Bonn Godesberg Imp/Rudge DDAC

Klassen A 250 ccm ( red helmets )

75 L. Notet Belgien Lady
76 H. Pätzhold Giersdorf DKW NSKK
77 S. Wünsche Langebrück DKW NSKK
78 A. Hartmann Braunschweig DKW NSKK
79 R. Böse Gotha DKW
80 B. Petruschke Chemnitz DKW DDAC
81 R. Hierl Düsseldorf DKW NSKK
82 L. Berger Breslau DKW DDAC
83 G.W. Dickwell Belgien Barbé
84 W. Winkler Chemnitz DKW NSKK
85 H. Häusler Meßkirch DKW NSKK
86 H. Roth München DKW NSKK
87 W. Sontag Stettin DKW DDAC
88 F. Novotny Oesterreich Puch
89 E. Boeser Erfurt DKW SS
90 O. Daiker Stuttgart Rudge DDAC