Thursday 20 June 2013

The VMCC Banbury Run Autojumble

-SG- The popularity of Vintage Nortons is reflected in the asking price on the stall of one dealer for a 'lot' comprising one internally damaged 1928 Model 18 barrel (fins OK), one head wth rocker standards but no rockers or valves and one pair of bare 1928 ES2 crankcases. The asking price - a mere £1500 ...

There was also a late 1930 Model 18 on which a moderate though rather over-glossy restoration has been carried out. This was at £18000 and comes complete with period lights and correct MDB1 magdyno. The stall-holder (who was not the restorer), none other than the son of the late John Griffith, kindly started the bike - second kick and sounds good. The front brake back plate and brake arm are not quite right but remediable, the exhaust tappet adjuster is right at the end of its thread (exhaust push rod short?) and the restorer hasn't made too good a job of getting the clutch cable length right! The footrests are also the wrong length - they look like ex-WD replacements - and I am not too impressed with the tank lining ... enough nit-picking for one day!