Sunday 3 March 2013

Three tonnes of Norton bits - SOLD

John Jensen in Denmark is clearing his shed and has a huge pile of Norton bits that he wishes to sell. And very nice stuff it is; untouched, rusty and greasy, exactly as it should be. John is a character, you may have seen him on the Isle of Man on his 750 girder Norton. ("The bike that will probably kill me one day... But to die with DRY TEETH and a big grin down to the toes... that  isn´t the worst way to die")

There's one complete Model 18 for sale, a 1930 bike that looks quite correct; John has taken the gearbox to bits to "try and find out what the differences are inside the Sturmey boxes... There ain´t not that many lads in my area that knows about hem boxes. What a nightmare of fun it has been". The Model 18 is said to be complete. Click this link for many more pictures of this bike.

Another complete Norton SOLD for sale is a 1950 Model 7 with girders fitted, very nice, Click this link for an album of pictures of this one.

Finally, there's a huge load of 1920s parts. I've seen Enfield hubs, sprockets, Druid girders, Best and Lloyd oilpumps, Sturmey-Archer parts and much more. Click this link for and album of pictures of the spare parts

There's much more than in the pics; contact John directly at (note the spelling of notron!)