Wednesday 20 March 2013

1929 Model 18 Norton - SOLD

This 1929 Model 18 is for sale SOLD by Raffaele in Italy: "This Norton has been in our family for the past 35 years and as you may see it seems entirely original and complete, except for the carb and the valve springs and the speedo missing from the tank."

-JdK- This 1929 Model 18 is very original. The few deviations as mentioned by Raffaele can be easily rectified. More important, what's left of the paint may be original, mudguard and brackets are correct and so are the fittings on the handlebars and the other bits and pieces. This clearly is a bike that has seen serious use but that has not been run into the ground. If I were on the market for a late 1920s Model 18 I would go for this one and not for a restored example.

Contact us for Raffaele's email-address when you are interested - but you will have to promise me first that you will never restore it!