Monday 3 December 2012

1930s Norton rear frame lugs - For sale

-JdK- An email from Juris in Latvia that should be of use to owners with machines converted to rear suspension.

"I have for sale one set of Norton 1930s rear frame lugs, cast in steel using the “Lost Wax Method" and machined - ready to be brazed in. I once made a batch for my cannibalised Nortons and as I found a set of sawn-off original rear stays and lugs for my 1938 CS1, I now have one set surplus. Please see the attached photos. They were quite a hassle to make - I made the waxes and had them cast in a St Petersburg Russian military factory before Latvia became independent - that is more than 20 years ago! The asking price is €600 (plus post and package) for this set of two castings"