Tuesday 11 September 2012

Rob's 1931 Model CS1 Norton

Probably Mr C.M. Bengtes on the CS1 in 1949

-JdK- This CS1 was recently bought in the Netherlands. It was imported from Sweden and the photo above shows one of the previous owners, very likely a Mr. C.M. Bengtes, pictured in 1949. Note that the changes made to the CS1 (a front wheel of unknown origin, the upswept exhaust, the handlebars) are still with the machine today. Except for these changes the machine appears to be quite original, with matching numbers for frame, engine and gearbox. The paperwork that came with the machine suggests that it was used untill 1954 before being laid up in a shed somewhere.

Correct 1931 Enfield hub with a tin cover for the brake plate
and a brake arm made from two pressings riveted together
Norton forks; not Webbs.
The steering damper is correct for 1931

One other complete 1931 CS1 appeared on these pages before. Note that this machine has a three stay frame and left-hand exhaust. The 1931 three-stay frames are very different from the vintage frames designed by Moore and patented in 1926, both in dimensions (shorter and lower) as in the diameter of the tubes used (much wider). Right-hand exhausts were already available in 1931 and to confuse matters even further, two-stay cradle frames were used earlier than 1931 in the factory racers and the 350s. Any comments on these issues are very welcome!

Both lower fork links have a distinct kink in them
where they are usually straight; the result of mixing and 
matching of parts that do not originally belong together?
Original for the 1931 three-stay frames;
two separate bolts to hold the mudguard stays
Note the pressed primary chain cover with the extension
on the rear where it's bolted to the frame
Note the 'kink' in the top frame tube above the carburetter
A thin black line - instead of a red one -
The paint looks very original but who knows...

The document below came with the bike, some sort of registration that lists three names of previous owners. Rob would like to get into contact with anyone who knows the previous owners or the bike; contact VintageNorton.com when you can help.