Saturday 31 March 2012

The 1935 Swiss Grand Prix

-JdK- This amazing set of photographs comes from the Technisches Museum Wien. The event is the 1935 Swiss Grand prix and the pictures cover both the 350cc and the 500cc class. Walter Rusk and Jimmy Guthrie competed; the former came home first in the 350cc class, Guthrie was the winner in the 500cc class. The machines are Model 40 and Model 30 Internationals

Guthrie (16), 350cc, at the start
Rusk (9), 350cc, at the start
Vaasen (2), Burnier (5), 350cc at the start
The 350cc start
Guthrie and Rusk
Guthrie, Craig and Rusk and their Model 40s
Bruno Martinelli and his Model 30 (9)
Rud Runtsch and his Model 30 (2)
Guthrie (17), 500cc class
Runtsch (2), 500cc class
Rusk (30), 500cc class
Guthrie after winning the 500cc class
Jimmy Guthrie