Sunday 25 March 2012

1926 Nodel 18 Norton - For sale

Coming up for auction at H&H: a 1926 Model 18. This one was built by George. It's quite original except for details like the 8" front hub, mudguards, carburetter and paint scheme.

-SG- The front engine plate front bolt at the bottom of the front down tube is not in line with the top stud on the crank case and it should be; the front engine plate/magneto platform has been made to suit. The tappet guides are of the wrong length and the spectacle bracket for the pushrod return springs is wrong. Hard to say what the reason is for these modifications.

Martin: "The tappet guides lack the exhaust valve lifter but I note there is a decompressor fitted in the spare plughole in place of the dummy plug usually fitted".

Reg Number: FM 4576
Frame Number: 32171
Engine Number: 26208
Estimate: (£) 25,000 - 28,000