Tuesday 8 November 2011

Walter Moore / Best and Lloyd oilpumps

-SG- I have recently had discussions with Roger concerning the accuracy or otherwise of Moore's reminiscences, as related in Titch Allen's Norton Story. One of the points discussed related to the use of Best and Lloyd oil pumps and to my mind, Moore rather suggested that he was responsible for their introduction. I have, for many years, been under the impression that Nortons began using such pumps before Moore joined the firm in early 1924. This view has been partly based on the quite well known photo of Graham Walker at the end of the 1923 TT where a Best and Lloyd pump is clearly visible on his machine, driven from the exhaust cam spindle. Roger put forward the reasonable idea that as Walker was in fact a private entrant in the '23 event, he might have also had the pump fitted himself....

A brief look at the relevant post TT edition of the Motor Cycle, however, shows that Black, the second finisher, also used a Best and Lloyd mechanical pump. Like Walker, he also used Webb forks BUT was considered a Norton team member and not a private entrant. Indeed, Nortons won the Team Prize that year. Above is a scan I have unearthed from my files of a racing Model 18 which has written on the back: '1923 Works Norton - probably publicity print.' I can't vouch 100% for the accuracy of this caption but the Best and Lloyd oil pump is certainly visible......... Has anyone any other prints or input concerning the '23 Works bikes, which might help to clarify the matter once and for all?