Wednesday 9 November 2011

Stanley Woods - Forgotten hero

Mildred and Stanley in 1933
-JdK- "Stanley Woods - Forgotten hero" is the title of a documentary made by Waldovision (2008, for RTE) which I can truly recommend. The film is based on interviews with Stanley's niece, Charmaine Walker and Mick Woolett, Murray Walker and others. It contains many shots form the Woods' private film- and photo collection, some of them reproduced on these pages. In 51 minutes the story takes us from the start of Stanley's motorcycling days to him passing away at the age of 90. Stanley was passionate about his bikes. When asked by an army officer about his religion he answered: "Motorcycles". Assuming Stanley misunderstood he repeated the question. "Motorcycles", Stanley answered again. One cannot help but feel great sympathy for the man.

Stanley advertising his toffee business
Guthrie, Simpson, Hunt and Woods in the early 1930s
Hunt, Woods and Simpson
Woods in 1933
Jimmy Guthrie; Woods' true friend